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CIPD Talent Management and Workforce Planning Conference 2023






London, UK


For Leaders/HR


£ Members £695 + VAT / Non Members £895 + VAT

Hosted by the CIPD

Future proofing your workforce to handle tomorrow’s challenges

With economic changes coupled with a tight labour market it has resulted in organisations finding it harder to attract, recruit and retain skilled talent. However, for organisations to achieve their objectives it’s essential for organisations to have a workforce that has the knowledge and capabilities to meet future demands. Therefore, developing and maintaining a strategic approach to both talent management and workforce planning is essential for HR to plan for the capabilities and resources that they need now and in the future.

Join us at the CIPD Talent Management & Workforce Planning conference 2023 to explore how you can future proof your workforce to handle tomorrow’s challenges.  Expert speakers will cover a range of topics and case studies that will look at how you can attract and retain the best talent, support the development of your employees, how to strategically plan for the future and so much more.

Conference takeaways:

  • Gain insight into future projection of the UK economy and how this will impact organisations.
  • Utilising data and factual analysis for better decision making and a more effective strategic workforce planning.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of how AI and automation will impact the people profession and the impacts it will have on the skills agenda.
  • Obtain new methods of how to manage your talent through performance, development and engagement.
  • Derive actionable takeaways from our interactive sessions to help you transform your workforce planning from operational to strategic.
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