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Hosted by TCD and led by Business Development Coach and Mentor Jackie Jarvis.

It can be challenging building up your business as an external coach with little or no presence in the market, particularly if you have an aversion to social media and dislike the idea of promoting yourself.

There are coaches qualifying every year who want to build a successful practice, so how do you stand out in an already busy marketplace?

The answer? Build your own community!

Join our regular presenter, Business Development Coach and Mentor Jackie Jarvis on Monday 4th March, 12:30 – 13:30 GMT to explore how to build a strong community around you and your coaching business.

During this interactive webinar, Jackie will encourage you to think about:

  • What building a community means and why it is important
  • What influences who you might want in your community
  • Simple ways to make connections and start the process of community building.

Join us to think about your community building strategy and get some simple ideas to start the process.

When you choose the right niche, build the right community, you can create your own unique presence which will enable you to serve YOUR people.

Our webinars are always interactive, with breakout rooms, so please come ready to participate.

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