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Hosted by APECS, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision.

Introducing “Breakthrough Conversations” for evoking significant emotional shifts in your coaching.

Graham Lee will host this fascinating and instructive insight into his approach to working at depth with clients and their emotions.

This approach combines three essential aspects:

  • a refined tracking of emotional states
  • supporting clients to dwell with relationally meaningful, embodied emotions
  • translating insights into powerful enactments.

The session will combine experiential practice, a video of a real coaching session, and time to explore together how you might integrate aspects of this approach into your practice.

About Graham Lee

Graham’s approach to coaching has evolved over 30 years from his work as a leader, coach, psychotherapist, and mindfulness practitioner. His first book, Leadership Coaching: From Personal Insight to Organisational Performance explored how an understanding of a client’s personal psychology is key to fostering mature, authentic leadership. Breakthrough Conversations for Coaches, Consultants, and Leaders draws on emerging research in neuroscience, mindfulness, and attachment theory, and offers practical tools to enhance the client’s self-awareness and insight.

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