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The intelligence your team needs

Once you have agreed the team objective, and you all know what it is you need to achieve, the next step is to allocate the right work to the right people.

But how?

We know that a successful team needs access to all nine Belbin Team Roles, the nine distinct clusters of behaviour that were identified during the seminal research carried out by Dr Meredith Belbin and his team, over many years at Henley Management College in the UK.

But which of these behaviours does each team member have as a strength? Where can you best use them? Where are their weaknesses?  What other talents might they be able to develop for the good of the team?

Introducing the Belbin reports. From Individual to Team via Working Relationships.

Used by organisations world-wide to help their teams become high-performing. Belbin is the global gold standard team tool.

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