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Team Coaching: Build Your Own Practice Model 

Team coaching in organizations is a relatively new discipline, with multiple perspectives on what it is and how best to approach it.

In this webinar series, Paul Lawrence, Principal of Leading Systemically and Honorary Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University, will discuss current debate topics within the Team Coaching sphere and support you to build your own practice model.

Paul will discuss both philosophical (What is a team? What does a team coach do?) and practical questions (Can I coach by myself, or do I need a partner? Can I coach individuals on the team at the same time as coaching the team?).

Based on a meta-study encompassing more than 500 articles, he will share what the literature has to say and present some cool ideas on team coaching that are rooted in that literature, translating some of those ideas into practice.

Most importantly, Paul will introduce you to a framework for refining and building upon your own practice model, cutting through much of the current confusion that permeates the team coaching world.  

Webinar one: Cutting Through Confusion
Multiple areas exist where team coaches and people writing about team coaching differ in their views on what we should do. Paul will outline some of those areas of contention and introduce participants to a simple framework by which they can feel empowered to build their own personal (evidence-based!) approach to the work they do as team coaches.

Webinar two: 10 Cool Ideas
Paul will share 10 cool ideas on team coaching emerging from the literature, allowing participants to reflect on those ideas and integrate the interesting ones into their own practice model.

Webinar three: A Personal Practice Model
Paul will share a fully worked-through Team Coaching practice model, illustrating how working on personal philosophy, purpose, and process can combine to create something powerful and practical.

Webinar four: Progress
We invite participants to come back and compare their progress on their models, share their application experiences, and provide other insights.

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