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AC Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference








For Coaches

For Leaders/HR


£ Full Conference Member £130 and Non-Members £179

Hosted by Association For Coaching.

Attend this two-day interactive conference to explore the intersection of mental health and wellbeing with coaching and supervision.

Join the vibrant AC community of respected coaches, supervisors, and therapists for a transformative and meaningful discussions, tackle ethical dilemmas head-on, and collaborate on strategies to support and empower both clients and coaches.

The conference will be your opportunity to gain guidance and resources on how to tackle mental health issues that are showing up in your coaching conversations.

You will also get exclusive access to post-conference recordings and resources on the AC Digital Learning Hub to continue your learning journey after the event.

Over two days, participants will enjoy ten interactive sessions on Zoom, with generous breaks in between to rest or network.

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