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Ian Coxan

500+ hours of coaching experience

Team Coach · Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Performance Coach · Coach Supervisor

Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham

United Kingdom

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About me

Team and Performance Coach - Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham

Everyone has more in them than they know; why would you settle for less than your true potential? Insight and visibility provides clarity and results.

It’s not about the level or rank structure of a team but the collective involved; it’s about people, their strengths, their opportunities realised by exploring their potential.
Discussing and defining the reality that is their organisational structure, the levels of communication they are exposed to, the subsequent engagement, the types of leadership ….that’s where we start to enable us to validate the contribution that could be made to overall performance.

Great performance is what we all strive to achieve; exceptional results, that’s what we want but what does that actually mean for individuals and businesses and what hinders this! Having worked with many organisations from large corporates to individuals wanting to start their own business; what they want has commonality.
• A return on investment
• Knowing the barriers that stop their progress
• Understanding how to devise and implement strategies to move forward
• Identifying the best methods of communication for success

My experience could be considered extreme; there are huge variances with working with the military to dealing with scientists, large independent retailers, Virgin Management, Local Authorities! My experiences, many of which have come from adversity, challenges or turn around situations have given me knowledge and ability to support and guide
• During transition and change management
• Turning dysfunctional teams into dynamic teams
• Building resilience
• Delivering results

Whether you are a C-Suite Executive or an individual and everything in between; I come with a proven track record and case studies to underpin my approach and success.

My approach works well for those who:
• see the need for change and are motivated to take action that might challenge them
• are comfortable taking manageable risks, to face concerns in a supportive, ‘safe’ environment
• want to be stretched, enjoy learning new things and experimenting with new ideas and approaches; and are open minded, curious and like to explore and inquire
• to explore how they think, behave and ‘see’ things and how this influences the results and outcomes they achieve in their lives.

Adding value to:
o Transition and change management; working with individuals and/or teams to achieve the optimum dynamic
o Leadership using the most appropriate modalities; communication, performance coaching, strategic agility
o Highly effective teams; working individually and collectively using Systemic Team Coaching, motivational module, team engagement

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Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Accredited Senior Practitioner


MSc. Coaching & Mentoring ILM Diploma In Leadership and Management ILM Level 5 Coaching & MentoringReally pleased to announce that I have I now become accredited to deliver the Engage diagnostic tool. Engage is based on over ten years of research and development. It integrates a Cognitive Behavioural Psychology model with advanced coaching psychology to catapult personal change and development.Engage is a powerful addition to my coaching approach. It empowers the client and the coach (myself) to measure, evaluate and demonstrate a clear impact on the ROI of the coaching intervention. Engage measures and individual’s mind-set across three areas:• Confidence – relating to self-task-social situations.• Openness – relating to communication, change and process.• Impact- relating to perceived commitment and performance. This approach works best with:Those who want to gain unparalleled insight into their mindset, working not only with blockages or self-interruptive mind-sets but with elements of personal potency, efficacy and potential, to obtain a clear understanding of how internal thoughts and beliefs impact their work performance.

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Since I began working with Ian, both my professional and personal life improved dramatically. Ian has a holistic approach to coaching meaning he can get to the bottom of any challenge, no matter what subject or complexity. His ability to ask the right question at the right time is phenomenal and every session leads to tangible positive impacts. I’ve worked with Ian for over a year and I haven’t looked back, I welcome every new challenge because with his help, nothing is impossible. I would strongly recommend working with Ian to anybody who is looking to continuously improve in their career.  -  J.M


Over the period of four months I had six coaching sessions, lasting approximately 2 hours, although this was very flexible and I was never felt pressurised to hurry or finish – and as you are well aware, I can and often did, deviate from the original topic. Not knowing what to expect, our first meeting was getting to know what I wanted, getting to know each other and laying the ground rules. Because it was an organisational /work based session I was a little apprehensive re the confidentiality of our discussions, but I should not have worried, not only did you reassure me that the sessions were private, you listened, ‘pushed’ my triggers when they needed pushing, made me think differently about myself and the perception that I had about how other saw me. Although, deep down I already had the information, vocalising aloud made it real. I know the sessions were not counselling, but they were very cathartic and the ‘lightbulb’ moments that had me in tears in a positive way, will stay with me. The best and worst session was the values session – I knew what I thought was important to me professionally, but now I know what my true values are and more important, I like my values, but didn’t like having to make choices and let go of others. As a coach, you have great qualities. Reassuring and making me feel that I was the most important person at that time, as a listener you let me talk and open up and as a developer, you made me ‘challenge’ my own thought processes and perceptions. You also gave some of yourself which actually made the sessions of more value to me, a two way process of understanding, that it wasn’t just a job to you and you wanted to get the best out of me. It’s very difficult to change, but you have made me realise that even little changes will empower me, how I respond to others and how I internalise issues. You have given me tools and tips on how to manage situations and I am putting them into practice both professionally and personally. Two birds with one stone – it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t flippant at some point!! (my defence mechanism). To that extent Ian, I want to thank you for all your time, patience and perseverance and that it was not in vain. I will develop my supervision style using more coaching and restorative techniques that I have observed in your practice. LT. Director


Ian demonstrates real added value and return on the investment in him. He works to the agenda of the client through his exceptional listening abilities. Ian has the ability to adapt his style, demonstrating the capability to work with all levels of individuals. He has a very calm manner and is excellent in not only asking the right questions but challenges to help identify the real issues. Highly recommended as an individual and team coach. B. H.


I heartily recommend Ian as a coach. I found the sessions very useful and their impact was deeper than I would have thought as the reflective practice continues long after the coaching session. I am a better professional and a better manager because of the skills I have developed and continue to develop through coaching. Sue C.

Specialist areas
Communication Decision Making Effective Meetings Employee Engagement Managing Change Motivation Performance Management Personal Impact Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Team Coaching Team Development
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