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Diana Gibbs

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South Suffolk, Essex & London

United Kingdom

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About me
My coaching helps clients look into the eddies and undercurrents of their working lives and find new ways to stay afloat.

Are you:
• Struggling to manage someone who seems very bright and quick to learn, but then doesn’t deliver?
• Dealing with a staff member recently diagnosed with ADHD / Autism who is asking for special consideration / reasonable adjustments?
• Managing a team member with ADHD who is struggling with time management, task completion, focusing on priorities?
• Using a PDP for a staff member who is striving to improve?

If so, do you want to:
• Make the problem go away?
• Support the individual but don’t quite know the best approach?
• Ensure the company does what is legally required in accordance with the Equality Act?
• Get the manager to manage their staff member better?
• Avoid disciplinary or dismissal proceedings?
• Take the opportunity to raise awareness of neurodiversity in the company?

I often find I am working with people who are feeling out of their depth due to a new or different situation that is outside their experience. I believe I bring a distinctive blend of business acumen, ideas generation and operational savvy to help people feel able to give of their best.

I can:
• Help an individual to explore their strengths and identify new strategies to thrive in the workplace.
• Work with an individual and their manager, co-coaching to support them to jointly find solutions for ways of working that suit the individual and deliver for the team and the company.
• Support HR, a manager and staff member in negotiations for appropriate adjustments or enhanced technological tools
• Provide advice and guidance on additional resources that will help raise awareness of neurodiversity for individuals and teams.

Relevant skills and experience:
I have been a coach and trainer for over 20 years. I am trained in Clean language and Symbolic Modelling, have a certificate in Clean Coaching for Leadership and a post-graduate Certificate in Coaching. My coaching approach has also been informed and influenced by my previous roles in stage management, operations line management, as a consultant and as an HR business partner.
• Currently coaching neurodiverse adults, such as those with ADHD, dyslexia and bipolar disorder, to develop new coping strategies at work
• Coached people from a wide variety of organisations in private, public and charity sectors, in roles ranging from senior executive to operational team member
• Supported and advised managers who are managing neurodiverse adults, helping the managers appreciate and value difference and adopt tools and techniques to develop their staff’s potential.

I’d love to hear from you. Please book a complimentary call to discuss your specific requirements. You can use the link on this profile page or go to my website and book from there.
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Professional member


NLP Business Practitioner (Awarded: Sue Knight Associates)Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching Roffey Park/Sussex UniversityClean Coach for Leadership ILM accredited

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I learnt that there are strategies available to help me to cope with stress, such as tapping, breathing exercises and also using art to channel my feelings. I also learnt that a lot of the time, I have the answers to my own problems but that it is helpful to have a supportive person there such as Diana to help guide you through your thoughts and feelings. I learnt that I am a smart and capable person who knows myself quite well, and that I can take a step back to think about what strategies I have subconciously put in place for myself already, and use those to build more helpful routines both in and out of work. I learnt new ways of thinking about communicating. Diana is such a friendly, understanding and supportive person who truly made me feel it was okay to be honest and forthcoming. She was able to see the truth behind my words, and encouraged me to use my creative side to better 'put thoughts to paper' so to speak, which was very interesting and helpful for me. Diana didn't hesitate to make me aware when I was being stubborn or only thinking about things from my own point of view, which I appreciate and think is important. She is enthusiastic and came across as having a genuine interest in me, I felt properly heard and didn't have to worry about being misunderstood or overlooked. A really fantastic coach, the best I have had in a slew of therapists / councillors etc.


Working with Diana is inspirational. She cuts through the noise, and gets to the heart of the matter safely and empathically. She provides the framework within which you do the work - and she holds you to account! Working with Diana is challenging, rewarding and fun. JL (IT consultant and Transactional Analyst)

Specialist areas
Communication Confidence Decision Making Focus Influencing Skills Mental Health Negotiation Performance Management Problem Solving Time Management
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