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Anne Archer

500+ hours of coaching experience

Leadership Coach · Executive Coach · Coach Supervisor

Milton Keynes & Bedford

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach Milton Keynes & Bedford

I am an Accredited Executive Coach and Accredited Resilience and Well-being Coach with 15 years and over 4000 hours coaching experience. I have a Masters in Psychology of Well-being which included a practical component out in the field working with health. I major on supporting coaches navigate conversations about mental health

Shared Success
I work with coaches and leaders to find ways to have confident conversations about mental health thus increasing capacity to thrive. A whole person, whole life approach is much needed and enables increased self-regulation, healthier places of work together with increased productivity and engagement.

Ideal Clients
My ideal clients are interested in how to create healthy, sustainable lifestyles for themselves and those around them. They understand how a healthy workforce is one that brings energy, creativity, increased bottom line performance and a capacity for change without a loss of wellbeing.

Ground breaking approaches
My clients enjoy using ground breaking approaches that create a whole new meaning to conversations and health. They value having the capability and capacity to lead with purpose towards physical, mental, economic, social, environmental health throughout their network.

Working Together
In our rather frenetic world, we co-create a space to have conversations that spark our higher level brain activity such as trust, integrity, strategic thinking, empathy and capability to process complex situations. Working together with the integrated health model we create a sustainable way to thrive.

Surpass Expectations
I am at my best when we work together to go beyond your expectation of what can be done. I work from a place of compassion, curiosity, creativity, empathy, developing others to thrive and building deeply trusting relationships.

“My personal view is that Anne’s key strengths are to ask powerful questions; to pick up signals of words unsaid, but crucial for deeper understanding; acting in the moment. There also seems to be a natural flow of conversation and energy I think she’s an outstanding coach especially for executive leadership roles…” SH Board Member Professional Services Firm

My own transformation started nearly 2 decades ago when I lacked a clear purpose and direction. I was facing physical challenges having had a bad riding accident that led to a slow recovery from concussion and I was neither happy or satisfied. As I learned how to help myself by getting my sleep on track, learning how to improve how I was thinking about life, eating well and moving more, I found myself helping and supporting others. It is an absolute joy that I do this now all the time.

If you would like you find our more do contact me on 07718424656, email at or click on Send a message.
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


Certified Supervisor of Coaches and Mentors with Bath ConsultingAdvanced Diploma in Executive Coaching AoECCertified Coach in Conversational IntelligenceNeuroscience for Coaches, CertificateLevel A & B psychometricsHogan certifiedAccredited Resilience Coach Resilience Engine

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Anne is a very experienced and knowledgeable coach. I have found her to be respectful, insightful, courageous and open and she’s got a great (appropriate) sense of fun. She built a trusting relationship with me and has supported me working through some sensitive issues. It has felt like a great partnership and I would recommend her without hesitation.


I was very lucky to meet Anne 5 years ago when she mentored me as I worked as an L&D Manager and coach for a national charity. Anne helped me resolve conflict I was experiencing with an important professional relationship, and I never looked back. Anne introduced me to a new way of thinking, a clarity that I applied to many areas of my life with great results. She is an exceptional coach with integrity and a depth of experience that is hard to find. I find she provides a very safe place to explore challenges, reveal insights and decide on useful strategies. Anne’s focus on relationships, making connections, and building awareness of the systems we are in, all resonate with my values. I worked with Anne again since then with great success, have recommended her to people in need, and am now working with her as my coach supervisor. I find her supervision improves the quality of my practice, identifies area for development, whilst considering the bigger picture of what my coaching is about in terms of the individual and beyond that. I would highly recommend Anne to all looking for an experienced coach who will challenge, support and stretch you to move towards the desires of your heart.


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Communication Difficult Conversations Effective Meetings Leadership Managing Change Mental Health Mindfulness Resilience Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Work/Life balance Partner Offer
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