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Leadership Coach - Midlands & London

Are you a manager who wants to be a brilliant leader and something is not quite clicking?

I am a Masters level qualified coach with over 10 years experience of helping leaders to understand their impact on their world - and the impact of the world upon them. I work with clients throughout the UK and wider, to help them recognise and build on their potential.

I coach leaders who are facing challenges in relationships at work; those who wish to progress their careers but something is holding them back and those who would like a different perspective on their working life.

I also work with teams who are not working effectively together, to help them to understand what they need to do to come together with a clear, shared purpose in order to become a high performing team.

People often unravel when facing change. Coaching can help them to find the sense and purpose in embracing change to move forward.

Client feedback has been that I am easy to talk to, pragmatic, and able to be challenging in supporting them to achieve their goals. I rarely give advice as I believe my clients have the answers. They just need some help to uncover those answers. This can be demanding and ultimately rewarding.

Specialist AreasBehavioural change
Understanding the factors that make us human and how they play a part in our interaction with the world.
Change management.

I often use psychometrics such as Insights Discovery, MBTI and FIRO-B to help clients raise their own self awareness, which provides them with a good base level in order to move forward. These can be used with teams to uncover solutions to problems they may be facing in working together.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner/Facilitator and am fascinated by how people work using these insights to help clients uncover how they impact others, and how others impact them. We don't very often think about what else is going on around us which may be inhibiting or exacerbating issues. Taking a more holistic view or the person in their environment can uncover more insights and through that, more solutions.

It's really important to feel that your coach is on your side. There has to be a connection between them and you. I offer "chemistry" sessions to ensure that we have the right fit.

If that sounds like something you would benefit from please contact me on or phone me on 07734 985655 or click on the Calendly Link!
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Accredited Senior Practitioner


ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership MentoringCoaching Supervision programme Oxford BrookesChartered Member of the CIPDAccredited Insights FacilitatorAccredited MBTI and FIRO-B facilitatorNLP Master Practitioner, Facilitator and COachMA Strategic Human Resource Management specialising in leadership development

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I had the pleasure of receiving a course of six coaching sessions with Annette from June 2020 to November 2020. I am part of the senior leadership team at a private hospital. My line manager (Hospital Director) felt I would benefit from some coaching sessions to help with some objectives highlighted in my PDR. Annette was known to us as she used to work for the same hospital group; we felt she would be useful to me as she knows the industry and our particular working environment. I had also participated in many courses that Annette had delivered over the years and I always came away feeling inspired and engaged by her messages and teaching style. Annette started the sessions with some fact finding about what my current challenges were. I shared with her recent examples of where I had found situations difficult. She flipped the scenarios on their head a got me to look at how my behaviours and perceptions were influencing the difficult situations. She coached me on some techniques to help identify my triggers and become more aware of how I was contributing to the difficulty. She helped me develop a toolkit and process to ensure that I could deal with my emotions and reactions towards a situation to help steer the outcome. She also helped me with techniques to deconstruct and relieve the anxiety that I would feel in anticipation of difficult conversations or situations, helping to build my confidence and prepare appropriately. Annette’s experience and insights into NLP were really helpful here as she would challenge me on the language I was subconsciously using and how this could be a hindrance to the outcomes I was trying to achieve. Annette always creates a ‘safe’ environment to speak freely and without judgement, which allows you to get more from the session. The benefits of working with Annette are that she appeals to my ‘yellow’ (insights) style. Her positivity and upbeat approach help to keep me engaged and inspire the creative solutions that I am always keen to explore. My equally dominant blue style can sometimes be a bit conflicted by the lack of structure that ‘going with the flow’ brings…something that Annette manages to address and balance well. As this was my first experience of coaching, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was great to address issues that were current and relevant, which is what Annette used as a starting point as I wasn’t sure where to start in terms of what I wanted to achieve from the sessions. I knew I needed some help, but wasn’t really sure what that looked like, which is probably why the sessions felt less ‘structured’. It’s comforting to know that coaching can be used and work for a wide variety of my potential needs; whether more ad hoc, or to achieve a specific objective. All of my sessions were via Zoom due to the Covid pandemic, but Annette has clearly worked hard to adapt and not allow this to be a barrier. I do however look forward to working with Annette again when we can meet face to face.


I have to admit I wasn't a fan of the need for a coach but that changed after our first session. Annette's approach was fantastic and I have gained so much from our sessions as she skilfully guided me around clarifying my own concerns and identifying solutions. I cannot recommend her highly enough and enjoy our continuing sessions and reaping the rewards of my increased productivity and clarity of thought.


Annette is friendly, intelligent, witty and wonderful to work with. She is able to identify different ways of working with different individuals; she is a not a ‘one size fits all’ coach. I enjoyed working with Annette as she asked the tough questions while at the same time being compassionate and empathetic. She asked me to consider situations within different contexts, opening my mind to interpretations beyond my initial observations. Our conversations allowed me to clear my mind and make better decisions that has had long term positive impacts on my career. Hospital Director.


Return on Investment vs Return on Expectations... which is right when evaluating coaching or leadership development?

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Confidence Difficult Conversations Leadership Managing Change Motivation Personal Impact Personality Profiling Talent Management Team Development Partner Offer
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