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Hilary Jeanes

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About me

Leadership & Career Coach - Marlborough

I have more than 15 years' experience as a professional coach supporting people to succeed, grow and flourish at work and in life.

Before that I worked in corporate leadership roles focusing on transition, organizational change, people management and development.

I love supporting people from different cultures and have worked with a wide variety of clients from organisations including Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Salesforce, Mars, Linked In, IBM, bp and WarnerMedia and on business programmes at Stanford Business School.

Holding the International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach accreditation, I have accrued more than 2300 hours of coaching. I am currently working towards Master Coach accreditation.

From personal experience I know that being unhappy at work impacts on every aspect of your life.

I am passionate about supporting you to be your best at work and in life, play to your strengths and be a successful and accomplished leader. I do this by working with you to raise your self awareness and tap into the wisdom of your body.

My philosophy
You need clarity to be able to act decisively. Having time and space to 'unravel the spaghetti in your head' helps you explore and develop new options to address challenges you're experiencing and uncertainty in life or work.

You will develop your confidence and skills to achieve results, handle challenging situations, face your fears and develop as an individual and a leader.

If you're looking for career coaching, you will identify your strengths, high points in your career and what is important to you in your working life.

I can support you to grow in your existing role or organisation, find new opportunities to fit with who you are, succeed in a selection process and negotiate the remuneration package you want.

My approach is direct, warm and intuitive.

If this resonates with you and the support you are seeking, please get in touch.
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


Certificate in Coaching Skills & Diploma in Coaching with Coaching DevelopmentCertificate in the Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching & Constellations Parts I, II & IIITime to Think PractitionerBody & Movement Programme with Newfield NetworkMaster Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming

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Hilary offers sound advice and support in a timely manner, and knowing I have someone in my corner to discuss anything with makes me feel far more confident when facing challenges at work. We've discussed everything from time management to long-term goals, difficult conversations to interview preparation, and much more. She has read many a difficult email for me before I've sent it, which has been so helpful. Hilary is so experienced that any situation I discuss she has seen many times before and it has been a great help over the years. I also really value working with Hilary because it forces me to take stock of my career and make space for my development, especially when I'm busy and wouldn't usually make it a priority. If I have a meeting booked with Hilary then it means I have dedicated time pre-planned in my week for career development work, which is incredibly helpful in the longterm. I also really value having someone in my life to talk to about my career outside of my family and friends (although I've recommended Hilary to everyone so she's met many of them by now!). It means that I'm not 'dumping' work problems on my partner or friends, and I can work through the tricky things with Hilary's professional advice, which helps free up my leisure time. Overall, I love working with Hilary and highly recommend. H.J.


Hilary has been an excellent coach for the last 4 years of my financial services career. I had reached a point my career where I had struggled to move any higher. Hilary provided sound advice before even being taken on as a client in order to make plan for promotion. Hilary helped me address and overcome my imposter syndrome that was a serious hinderance to any further progress up the management ladder. She has been instrumental in my development of my management skills and helped me grow in a role that does not always come naturally to me. The materials, articles and continual support she provides are very insightful and extremely helpful in my continual professional development. Beyond the professional coaching she is a wonder person, very understanding and joy to work with. She has also helped me in a few very difficult personal issues that have tested my resolve. She has helped me work through the issues while making an action plan to deal with them. Without her coaching I would not be in the position I am on a personal and professional level. G. A.

Specialist areas
Career Direction Decision Making Difficult Conversations Influencing Skills Leadership Managing Change Personal Impact Problem Solving Retirement Talent Management
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