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Ali Stewart

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London & South West

United Kingdom

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About me

Leadership Coaching London & South West

Ali is an award-winning, executive and leadership coach and best-selling author of ‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’. Working across London and the South West, she specialises in coaching fiery, dynamic leaders, in danger of burning themselves out, who need more balance, meaning and success in their lives.

Become the Best Leader You Can Be
The road to unlocking the potential of your team and becoming an effective leader begins with you. Ali specialises in providing coaching and training to individuals and entire teams within organisations of all shapes and sizes, from businesses to charities. She develops strong, passionate and capable leaders who are liberated to succeed and facilitates the success of their team alongside them. For you, this means more proactive, responsive and engaged colleagues, leading to increased efficiency and productivity for your company.

A Powerful Toolkit for Coaches and Trainers
Ali has a truly remarkable set of resources within a community of driven, inspirational coaches, trainers and HR professionals, that she has developed over many years. Her Liberating Leadership and Pioneering Professional accreditations give you the tools and edge to drive positive change in the workplace and generate a lasting impression.

Liberating Leadership
She has co-authored the Liberating Leadership and Pioneering Professional books with chartered occupational psychologist, Dr Derek Biddle, who is now enjoying requirement. Together they established the accrediting body for these works in 2008, based on over 25 years’ experience. Since then Ali has coached and trained over 500 leaders worldwide, and accredited over 100 practitioners to deliver the programmes. She is looking to grow this body of people so that other trainers, coaches and consultants have access to these powerful models to help them grow their own and their clients’ businesses.

Insights Discovery® Model
As she is so passionately moved by the Insights Discovery® model, and driven to help individuals to achieve and grow at every level, in 2005 Ali became Regional Mentor for all UK Insights practitioners, and is twice an Insights national award winner for her exceptional knowledge. In 2012 she was one of the first practitioners in the world to be accredited in the Insights Deeper Discovery model, and now works with executives and leaders ready to be coached at a deeper level and think about their legacy and purpose as a leader.

Ali’s business has been built with her amazing team, based on the ethos of Liberating Leadership. Her whole purpose is to help leaders to lead with strength, dignity and compassion.

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AC - Individual Full Member


UK Regional Mentor and accredited Coach with Insights Learning & Development LtdInsights Deeper Discovery PractitionerMaster NLP PractitionerAccrediting body for Liberating Leadership and Pioneering ProfessionalDiploma in Life Coaching

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Ali is a world-class executive and leadership coach and mentor. She’s kind, wise and extremely competent at her craft. Her insight is in valuable and will produce significant returns for any business that engages with her. She’s co-developed some really useful tools, as well as being an expert in Insights Discovery, which stands above others in the market. If you’re a business leader, HR professional or line manager and want to develop a high performance team then I would highly recommend you contact her. It’s without hesitation that I recommend her. Jane F.


Ali is wonderful to work with. Her expertise in leadership and coaching is second to none. She has so much experience and so many skills that make her such a wonderful person to work with. Her Liberating Leadership programme is carefully structured and easy to follow and helps transform the lives of leaders in all walks of life. Ali's ability to help leaders see where the issues and are and provide them with clear advice and strategies really helped me to transition in my leadership journey. I am very grateful to Ali for her coaching and training and the positive influence she has had on my career. Sharon M.

Specialist areas
Communication Confidence Feedback Leadership Managing Change Negotiation Personal Impact Personality Profiling Team Development
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