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Leadership Coach - Bristol

If you’re like most leaders you'd probably like your team members to go home tonight and tell their partner:

‘My boss really gets me and I’m all over my objectives this month!’

However, if I were a fly on the wall in their house, would you be worried I’d hear one or more of the following grumbles:

😒I’m not clear on what’s expected of me
😒I feel overworked
😒 I’m under-appreciated
😒 I’m being micro-managed

These complaints lead to people feeling disconnected, not focussing on the right priorities - and disillusioned or fighting the system.

But I don’t blame you Mr or Ms Leader. You’re probably feeling similar thoughts yourself and are close to overwhelm too.

Well, it’s time to break the mould and think of a new way of leading and relating to your people.

I work alongside leaders, helping them take a coaching approach with their people which leads to immediate improvements.

Here are some you should expect to see:

⭐‘Difficult conversations’ become easier
⭐Delegating brings you the better results
⭐There are fewer escalations
⭐There is a positive flow of 2-way feedback
⭐The team are working on the right priorities
⭐You catch issues earlier
⭐You have more time to focus on strategy and future thinking (and your home life!)

I work with:
- Senior leaders in corporate organisations (grappling with conflicting priorities )
- Newly promoted leaders (struggling to find their feet and make an impact)
- Project managers & tech leads (needing to influence and empathise more)

Working with me will mean:

✔ You will have more headspace to focus on the bigger picture
✔ Your leaders and teams will feel more accountable for results
✔ It will be easier for you to retain and attract great people
✔ You may even become a better spouse and/or parent!

And here’s what my clients say:

“Her guidance is insightful and often involves us all having a bit of fun along the way. She was a key contributor in the development of what remains a successful and high-performing team. “
Client Director

"My go-to approach was 'If you want a job done properly, do it yourself'. After a few sessions with Corine, I began to see the long-term benefits of empowering others."
Production Design Manager

"Working with Corine has enabled me to unlock the skills and confidence to better cope with the all-encompassing challenges of a senior position.”
Vice President

When I get the chance, you can find me on the football pitch trying my (not very) fancy moves or with my wonderful teen daughter who does NOT want to be coached ever again!
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Professional member


Certified Senior Practitioner CoachAdvanced Stakeholder-Centred CoachEmotional Capital Report (ECR) & 360 PractitionerMBTI Step I Practitioner

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Delegation Difficult Conversations Emotional Intelligence Employee Engagement Feedback Leadership Stakeholder Team Coaching Time Management Work/Life balance
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