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Philip Rose

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Oxford & London

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About me

Executive Coach - Oxford & London

I work with teams and individuals. Clients work with me to help them both personally, and in business, solve problems and as a sounding board. All are successful and have made the decision, either personally or through their company, to invest in themselves. Some are stuck. Some just want a fast track way to grow. All want to develop.

What my clients really want is:
Success – to achieve what they set out to do:
Fulfilment and a sense of purpose – to achieve their dreams;
A sense of Calm;
Less stress!

About Me:
I’ve worked as a combination of Coach, Facilitator and Consultant since 2005. I initially trained as a coach with the Coaching Academy in 2009 and then with Shirlaws Business Coaching from 2010. In 2018 I completed the Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching with the Academy of Executive Coaching leading to ICF PCC accreditation. My Purpose as a coach is to help people achieve what they are truly capable of both in business and in their personal lives.

I started my working life as an engineer in the aerospace industry with Rolls-Royce and then moved to the automotive industry with Cosworth and then VW/Audi. Both businesses opened my eyes positively to the need to develop people to enable a business to succeed. During my MBA at Ashridge in 2000 I first experienced coaching. I now work as a coach to help other people and their businesses develop through the benefits of coaching.

As a coach my clients have come from a wide variety of industries & backgrounds from manufacturing to property from technology to not-for-profits.

My Coaching Model:
The core coaching principles that drive my coaching style and therefore help me to help people change: @Emergent @Choice @Space (to think & to BE) @Flexibility @Challenge @Support @’Response – Ability’: New Paradigm.

Learning is about growth. “Once we believe we know it all we stop learning and then we stagnate”. This principle is captured in the traditional ‘S-Curve’ Model. Successful businesses reinvent their products and image to maintain their growth. In personal development those who can successfully navigate the successive cycles of learning and growth, that resemble the S-curve, will thrive.

I believe that everybody has the capacity to learn; provided they are given the tools, the space and encouragement to do so. The principles that underlie my coaching philosophy support my clients.

My role as a coach is:
to help people move along the S curve to minimise the impact the plateau of the S Curve can have. I’m focused on the individual / team I’m working with and am always mindful of being authentic. Through my coaching I aim to ‘truly enable people and businesses to achieve what they are fully capable of’.

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International Coach Federation

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Academy of Executive Coaching - Advanced Coaching Diploma (Feb 2017-April 2018)

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What can I say about Phil! He is a very good listener who is able to share his own experiences to help with all scenarios. Phil used all his experiences and knowledge to help me become a better person and lead me in the right direction. He had the ability to understand who I was from the very first conversation which helped us build a great rapport which then helped with trust and openness which is needed to be able to get the best out of your time together.


Phil took the time to understand me and where I was headed. He tailored accordingly and spent the time as required, leaving me feeling as though I have levelled up. I would highly recommend to trust early and make the most of your time. J.C.


Phil has been coaching me for the last 18 months. He has been incredibly supportive and has helped me identify area's that I need to develop and coached me throughout. He has a great personality and outlook and after every coaching session you cannot help but feel lifted and re-invigorated. Thank you Phi. IG.


Phil is a supportive, professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, present coach! We spent 7 sessions together and went through several different topics. I feel like talking with Phil helped my self-awareness and also gave me new ideas to try out each time. I especially enjoyed revitalizing my purpose and values-related clarity. :) Mihkel. Coach & People Development Specialist


It's been amazing to have Phil coaching me throughout the last 2 years whilst completing my Porsche Leadership Management Program. The coaching sessions have always been professional, informative and thought provoking. Phil's abilities to identify areas of development and his coaching style has helped me develop my management and leadership skills which has had a positive effect on my team. Thanks Phil I will be forever grateful. C. D.


Phil has been coaching me for over 12 months now, he has the ability to quickly identify your strengths and positively promote them whilst also challenging you to understand and work on what may be holding you back. Intelligent, insightful and good company, the coaching sessions are both valuable and enjoyable. - KA


Phil has been extremely helpful over the past 12 months developing my managerial expertise and business acumen, and also some useful life skills and motivation during these strange times we find ourselves in. D. J.


I have worked with Phil over a period of 3 months. During this time, Phil has helped me tremendously in my professional transition as I could work with him in a holistic way looking into every aspect of my situation and mindset. His coaching style is robust, goal-oriented and intelligent. I could co-create workable solutions and put them into practise straight after. Phil is a seasoned coach, moreover he is an experienced consultant, which made his coaching approach wider and deeper. He challenged my thinking constructively and made sure that I am accountable to my actions. I wouldn’t hesitate working with him again and can recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great coach. Jina


I have the pleasure of working with Phil as part of my Porsche Leadership and Management training program over the course of this year. Phil has opened my mind to the world of self development, strategy and continued improvements. I look forward to another year of working together and seeing where this journey will take me. Stewart Davies, Service Manager, Porsche Centre Tonbridge


I have had the pleasure of working with Phil over the last three years. Both as a consultant and as my coach. During this time, Phil has helped develop me as a professional and as a man. Phil has an amazing approach on leadership, focus and confidence building. Phil has always shown compassion, integrity and is a man I have the upmost respect for. Thank you Phil.


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