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Fiona Anderson

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Team Coach

Midlands, Staffordshire & Gloucestershire

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach - Midlands, Staffordshire & Gloucestershire

A Change Catalyst, Facilitator and Executive Coach, I have extensive experience and expertise, rooted in the belief that people grow business.

I focus on your most important assets - you and your people, coaching you to develop your bespoke solutions that are key to you and your business success.

Your personal values are core to everything you do. They define you and guide you. They underpin every decision you make. Our exploration and understanding of your core values is key to your transformation. We can of course extend this to include your company values and culture.

I will shine a light on you and your behaviours, supporting you to develop and own your solutions to achieve improvement in your own performance and productivity and that of others. I will encourage you to identify changes needed to align process and systems to fully embed change.

Initially trained by PWC, my track record in supporting clients to deliver tangible results includes:

Individual coaching:
• Coaching a newly appointed MD to develop his vision, build executive team cohesion and define the culture for the new business resulting in exceeding customer expectations
• Appointed to NHS Register of Executive Coaches
• Mediation – enabling 2 executives to rebuild their working relationship, avoiding legal fees, an industrial tribunal and inevitable adverse press coverage
• Coaching senior managers to accelerate personal and departmental changes required to deliver strategic priorities

Team Coaching/Organisational Development:
• Executive Team Productivity: 49% improvement, based on Patrick Lencioni’s definition of a Cohesive Team. Focusing on Five Behaviours created the catalyst to progress business wide culture change that is now being rolled out.
• HR Department Productivity: using valuingYOU change model, Explore, Energise, Transform, Embed, response increased by 70% (from 4.7 – 8.0) when asked “we have the culture in HR to role model and succeed to deliver Strategy”.
• Transforming I.T. transforming a service department from one that was fragmented, lacking in direction and cohesion to a motivated and customer focused Department. Validated by IIP accreditation. Achieved + 21% points in staff motivation, + 47% point increase in managing poor performance in 6 months.

Regular speaker at Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Engage for Success, University HR, Manufacturing Annual Leaders conferences and events.

Recognised as a thought leader, in 2019 contributed to Leading Change In UK Financial Services. Write for local branch CIPD, The Manufacturer Magazine and blogs for Legal Firms and Chamber of Commerce. Contribute to webinars including CIPD People Management and University West of England Business School.

Founder of Greater Birmingham Engage for Success Network | Awarded as an Exemplar Driver of Culture Change by The Manufacturer | Recognised by Engage for Success for Inspiring Employee Engagement in UK 2018 and 2019 | Awarded CIPD Outstanding Branch Volunteer 2021 | Founder Engage for Success #PeopleProductivity.

And finally one of my greatest areas of satisfaction as a volunteer, is coaching the next generation to secure their first step on their career ladder.

Please contact Fiona to discuss your requirements using the Send a message button.
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Association for Coaching

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AC - Individual Full Member


Diploma in Performance CoachingOrganisation and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC) Training SeriesDiploma NLPPractitioner NLPEverything DiSC Five Behaviours of a Cohesive TeamEverything DiSC Behavioural profilesEverything DiSC Agile EQBarretts Values Centre Part 1 & 2Strengthscope and Team accreditedThe 7 Habits CertificateMBTI

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As my career coach and mentor, Fiona has guided me through difficult decisions, challenges in people management and stepping out of my comfort zone. Fiona empowers me through tools and advice to be the best leader I can be. I always feel inspired and motivated after our sessions and she continually helps me to see the path that aligns with my core values and goals. I would highly recommend Fiona to individuals looking to dig deeper than the veneer level on their values and align their personal and professional life in alignment with them. She will challenge your thinking and create positive change!


I have had the absolute privilege of having undergone a coaching and mentoring programme with Fiona. Fiona has always been a trusted resource for our organisation and I knew straight away that Fiona was the coach for me. I started the programme with Fiona with various matters/issues that I wanted to work through and Fiona’s valued based coaching opened up for me how the conflicting priorities in my life were causing me anxiety. Together through the sessions, Fiona coached and mentored me and within 2 sessions, I could already feel that I had changed so much on my outlook work and personally, the way I approached difficult situations, have difficult conversations and finally the belief in myself. If you are looking for a coach, then I highly recommend Fiona.


I had the privilege of working with Fiona on a one-to-one basis for a 12-month period during a time of significant change in my professional and personal life. At the time, I was balancing various personal challenges whilst also managing professional stresses as a GP during the global pandemic. In addition, in my work in medical politics, I was in a senior leadership role in a professional membership organisation which was going through a time of change and Fiona helped me to understand both my own feelings and the differing perspectives of others. She helped me to manage a process of change within the organisation, improve my own leadership and executive skills, boost my self-confidence, and successfully manage conflicting views within the organisation. Invaluable skills were learned which have proved their long-term value since then. Fiona was a delight to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am confident that time invested working with Fiona is time well spent. GP and Chair of Professional Practice


Fiona has been amazing. It is hard to put into words the personal and professional impact she has had on me at a crossroads I was stuck at. Her insightful, supportive approach has had a lasting and tangible impact on me, more than she will ever recognise possibly from a reluctant but grateful client.


Fiona's coaching has been an invaluable experience. Her supportive and insightful style allowed me to recognize areas of improvement and the reasons that these will help me and my team to be more successful. She helped me to understand and overcome barriers I was setting for myself and provided me with the tools I needed to embark on a continued journey of personal growth with a new found confidence. I cannot thank Fiona enough for taking the time to support me in a period of great personal and professional change. I am confident that her support will have a lasting effect on me, and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about getting some professional coaching to speak to her. You won't regret it.


Fiona kindly delivered a guest lecture for HRM students at NTU undertaking their undergraduate degree. She gave an engaging and informative insight from an organisational perspective, enabling our students to apply theoretical knowledge to reality - building HRM professionals of the future.


Fiona was recommended to support with a change programme in 2018 initially for Executive coaching and then team coaching as we embarked on a programme to transform the UKI Resourcing function within DHL Supply Chain. On meeting Fiona I immediately felt at ease, she is open, honest and innovative and provided quality advice and a new perspective during a significant period of personal growth. I was well and truly out of my comfort zone and adjusting to a new more senior role, yet with Fiona’s help I developed confidence, belief in myself and got comfortable with being uncomfortable. In addition to the personal coaching we engaged Fiona to support us on a team change programme. Working together we were able to deliver the vision and bring the team along the journey with excellent results including a 22% increase in team score when asked the following question: I am confident we can achieve our vision and what is needed from us to achieve The Roadmap and our Strategy. We also saw a marked increase in the team employee satisfaction score and customer service scores internally. Amanda Dudley.


Working with Fiona in a coaching capacity has been genuinely transformative for me on a professional level. Fiona’s style is one that encourages you to be completely open and honest about the challenges you are facing, and there is a high level of trust. This is essential for a productive relationship with your coach and is why I have found it so rewarding working with Fiona. This approach has allowed us to explore a number of issues that have been holding me back professionally. Fiona’s extensive knowledge and experience of the workplace and of how we function as individuals and groups has then come into play in terms of working out how to make progress. Through our sessions, I have built a set of approaches and developed my mindset and confidence, such that I’ve been able to successfully address some very challenging professional situations, which would not have been possible without Fiona’s support. I have changed roles and employers over time but one constant is that I continue to draw on Fiona’s invaluable expertise. KK, Senior Manager, university/charity sector


One word that would describe Fiona is AMAZING! She has brought out the best in me even when I thought I was not confident enough to be who I am. We met with Fiona at a point in life when I was second guessing my value at the work place. She reaffirmed me and taught me how to develop self confidence- she guided me in establishing a mantra that I would say out loud whenever impostor syndrome crept in. The transformation was AMAZING. It built my self confidence and improved on my ability to retain information. I was more at ease with myself because I had confidence in the person I am. To be honest, she is best coach I have interacted with. She has also guided me in handling tough situations at work-not prescribing a solution but stimulating my thought process on the possible solutions. I recommend her to anyone looking to develop themselves. You will not regret. Thanks Fiona! Shine on! Grace M. (Gender practitioner and agribusiness specialist)


Fiona throughout her career has exemplified integrity and honesty. She is a person who is sought after for her advice as she is an excellent listener and this is mirrored in her professional life. Through her thorough and empathetic questioning skills she seeks to get to the nub of situations and therefore has the ability to help you to address these quickly and effectively. She actively seeks to help you to explore to identify and own your own solutions. Fiona is hardworking with a committed work ethic thus ensuring that the tasks she sets and her clients set her are completely in a timely manner, as a matter of course. She always goes the extra mile. Which at a time of grave uncertainty is reassuring for anyone lucky enough to work with her. Catherine Montgomery


Burn out and blackout: Building our resilience

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