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Heike Saxer-Taylor

Coaching in English and German

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Team Coach

London & Surrey

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach - Surrey & London

I qualified as an Executive Coach in 2012 and have since worked across a wide range of industries, from automotive through to fashion, and at all levels of seniority, from Future Leaders through to board members and CEOs.

International Focus
Some of my work takes place in an international context, supporting individuals and teams working across different cultures. I have worked as an intercultural consultant since 2001 and continue to do so. As a coach, my multicultural background and experience enable me to ask deeper and more pertinent questions in this context.

Why culture matters
When working with colleagues, clients or partners from different countries we often find that our usual behaviours or communication styles don't have the intended impact, that there are reactions we don't understand or we misjudge a situation. While there might be many reasons for this it could be to do with different cultural preferences, ranging from communication style through to different ideas on leadership, empowerment or the importance of building relationships. Reconciling these different preferences and practising true inclusion, can lead to powerful new ways of working. If we make these factors part of our coaching work we can overcome potential bias and benefit from cultural diversity.

Team Coaching
This does not just matter for individuals but also for teams. Studies have shown that international teams which are well-managed and work with their diversity can be more productive and happier places to be than homogeneous teams.

Whether teams are international or made up of people of similar backgrounds, finding a constructive way of working together and interacting with key stakeholders is crucial to their success and well-being. Team coaching can help to refocus a team on its purpose and the needs of its stakeholders while also realigning relationships within the team and building resilience and psychological safety.

General Executive Coaching
Independently of whether a client works internationally or not, some of my other areas of focus are supporting clients in overcoming self-limiting beliefs, identifying and building strengths, improving presence and influencing skills, resolving difficult relationships and handling conflict as well as managing and empowering teams.

Solutions Focus
My coaching approach depends on the needs of the client. It ranges from free-flowing explorative sessions through to more structured ways of working using a range of coaching techniques, such as Solution-Focus, resilience models or personality assessment tools.

As an APECS Accredited Master Executive Coach I follow their ethical guidelines.

Contact me for a free consultation on 07818 095654 or by email:
Professional body membership

Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision

Level of membership/accreditation

APECS - Practising Executive Coach


Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching, LondonCertificate in Systemic Team Coaching, AoECHogan HPIHogan HDSHogan MVPIThe International Profiler (WorldWorks)The Fire Model of Resilience (Leadership Choices)Diploma in Intercultural Management, Cambridge University

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I have worked with a number of coaches, and Heike is one of the best. She helped me to navigate the challenges facing my business through lockdown and restart, supporting me to understand the real issues (rather than the obvious ones) and in developing plans that were right for both me personally & the business. I would recommend her to anyone looking for business / leadership coaching. Sally Fyffe, Managing Director


Heike coached me a couple of times last year and I found her to be a great listener. She is very approachable as well as being very pragmatic in her style. She helped me connect the dots on both occasions which enabled me to take actions from our coaching sessions and continue to work on them. Both sessions were virtual and it was clear that Heike was very comfortable and confident coaching virtually.


I have been lucky enough to work with Heike for many years and she has been a superb coach to members of my team on three different occasions. She established very trusting and impactful relationships with them that we all valued. She brings a great blend of authentic wisdom and compassion to her work. SP, former agency head.


I had never had coaching before I worked with Heike and it was such a positive experience. My coaching sessions gave me space to talk about the immediate challenges I was facing balancing work and home life and also think about how to take the next step in my career. Heike helped me understand the root cause of the issues and focus on practical solutions, challenging me to think but always in a really kind and supportive way. I have now moved to a more senior role in my organization and coaching with Heike definitely helped me to make that step. Kate, Finance Manager


I was fortunate enough to be coached by Heike and it was a very rewarding experience. Heike has a natural warmth about her and is both supportive and challenging in equal measures. I have a tendency to jump around a subject when it is bothering me and Heike was very good at helping me to uncover exactly what was going on and how I wanted to deal with it. I always left our sessions feeling much 'lighter' than I did when we started. If you are looking for a coach to help you identify practical solutions for the challenges you are facing, then I would have no hesitation in recommending Heike. M.L.


Why culture matters

For Cross cultural
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Communication Conflict Cross Cultural Employee Engagement Leadership Managing Change Motivation Personal Impact Personality Profiling Resilience Partner Offer
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