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About me

Executive Coach - London

I offer Business, Executive & Personal Development Coaching to Executives & Professionals.

About me...During the course of a successful industry career in leading multinational companies, I honed my business & leadership skills working in over 30 countries. Starting in marketing, I worked my way up through Managing Director roles, ultimately to Regional Vice President. Subsequently, I undertook executive coach training and became a Professional Certified Coach.
I have the advantage of drawing on my extensive business background having worked with, and professionally developed many hundreds of associates across multiple cultures. I can therefore combine this expertise with professional coach training to bring a powerful mix of experience and competence in support of my clients.

About you...Executives & professionals ranging from junior to C-suite.
Often transitioning to a senior level, many of my clients choose me to work on ensuring they realise their potential and successfully develop their careers.

I work with many leaders and high potential executives beset with doubts that sap their self-confidence:
- How to manage the politics of senior management?
- How to stop being a 'doer', expert in the nitty gritty and become a strategic leader?
- Bigger responsibilities - but how do I manage upwards, how do I lead my team effectively?
- How do I establish 'presence' with senior people?
- Am I just 'winging' it; might I get found out?

And over the course of this past year,
- How do I manage some work-life balance when Working From Home?

What we achieve together...We explore your challenges and ambitions; we deconstruct the barriers to higher performance, reducing stress through mindfulness, identifying and neutralising behaviours and mental models that sap confidence and potential. We develop your business emotional intelligence to take your current skillsets to a higher level.

One of my recent clients put it like this:
"Geoff helped me to revise my thinking and deal with what was holding me back. He brought a useful insight into my professional and personal qualities that I hadn't appreciated or fully valued. Geoff's work with senior executives is valid because there's little he hasn't done or seen in his own career. Geoff has a gravitas and presence that is unique."

My coaching and mentoring approach encourages deep reflection, leading to meaningful insights, stimulating positive motivation which drives real-world practice action plans.

I am a certified psychometric practitioner in Strengthscope and with EBW Global (Emotions & Behaviours at Work).

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Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


Co-Active Training Institute (Certified Professional Co-active Coach)EBW Global Certified Individual & Team FacilitatorCertified Strengthscope Practitioner

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Dear Geoff, just wanted to share some news with you! I have just been offered a role with Cyber team and I am just awaiting the job offer from HR. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help as you have made a massive difference over this short period of time. I wouldn’t even have had confidence to apply for the role before we started this coaching programme. Sonia F. CAA


Working with Geoff on an executive coaching programme has made a huge difference to my career. Stepping into a more senior role, Geoff helped me understand the areas in which I needed to develop to truly excel and become a strong leader. His approach helped me understand in detail what was driving the challenges I faced rather than just give textbook techniques to deal with them. This meant I have built a set of tools that will last me forever rather than just the specifics at that time. My confidence grew exponentially from the first time I met Geoff to the end of the programme and he become a trusted confidant and someone I have kept in touch with. I cannot recommend Geoff highly enough, his knowledge and experience gives him such a great insight into how to understand quickly the challenges faced and without this coaching programme I would certainly not have been as good in my current role. His help has given me the ability and the confidence to navigate the hardest time in my career and embark on a new challenge which is coming soon. Iain Muir, Director of Operations at Ambassadeurs Group


Geoff is a gifted executive coach – an intent listener with serious experience as a managing director and later RVP of a large multinational. He has a unique ability to understand you, your situation, and to help apply frameworks to get to the root of and work to resolve any barriers to progress one may be facing. Working with Geoff has been enriching and transformative for me personally. - RP, Senior Director


I found Geoff an excellent executive coach: insightful, experienced, and thought provoking. I saw immediate benefits from our work. A.H. Director.


Geoff is an exceptional coach. He is passionate and its clear he wants to help other executives succeed and fulfil their potential. He listens to understand and draws from his wealth of experience to provide specific tools that allowed me to challenge my approach and behaviour. These tools are memorable, specific, and logical so they can be applied in several different scenarios. I used the techniques immediately and still have them fresh in my mind. He has helped me develop quickly and thoughtfully. I found all the sessions to be very rewarding. I would highly recommend Geoff if you want to enhance executive performance and challenge yourself. Taj Bhambra.


I have found Geoff to be an invaluable resource for my personal development and behavioural understanding. He is a superb listener, and methodical at helping you understand personalities and their effect in the workplace, before mapping against your own behaviours. We worked through multiple opportunities for my development and put structures in place to maximise my output. Geoff is also very good at helping you to focus and prioritise, not just work, but an overall approach to balancing busy demands in all aspects of your life. His methods help to block out distractions and focus on the key areas for both your productivity and your happiness. I would recommend Geoff for any executive feeling blocked, or looking to unlock another level in their performance. - GJ


Spending just one session with Geoff was actually inspiring. He encouraged self-reflection, supported me with unravelling some habitual behaviours and gave me the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. In a short space of time I've begun to reap the benefits from this self-reflection, feeling more confident. I'm using the simple strategies Geoff presented to make sure I pause, understand the situation, respond then reflect. I feel more centred, in control and less focussed on the past. I really didn't know what to expect from the session, but it was such an impactful experience I would certainly recommend spending some time with Geoff to acknowledge your gremlins. - JQ


Having worked with Geoff for a number of years, his coaching and support has been transformational for my wellbeing, my career and my personal life. Drawing upon his own experiences and the latest thinking around coaching and management techniques, Geoff knows how to find the right mix of challenge – providing guidance but also holding me to account for my own development. Geoff is especially good at helping cut through the noise and demands of a busy modern life – helping me to orientate myself, find my balance and move forward. I highly recommend him to anyone and deeply value his support. Associate Partner, EY.


Geoff is a very experienced business coach. I recommend him for anyone needing help in senior leadership roles and improving executive presence. He is great at looking at the bigger picture and elevating your thinking. He works with you to find practical solutions to strategic and commercial business goals and challenges. He is easy to work with, a superb listener, genuine and fully understands the business world


The coaching sessions I had with Geoff have been extremely valuable and fruitful. Geoff is a master in understanding personalities. He found the specific way to help me in my development. We worked together for few months to support me in embracing a new senior role I have in my company. Geoff is a great listener and a very pleasant person to spend the time with. He has an extremely effective way to understand the opportunities of development I had and to focus on the few critical points that helped me to greatly improve my leadership skills. He focused the executive training sessions on the areas we commonly agreed and he was perseverant in helping me to improve. His longstanding business experiences were extremely helpful to me. This makes his contribution very valuable. He has been in several very large and complex businesses, directly experiencing cases that he reports as examples in coaching. Geoff had a very clear and effective methodology to help me in my journey. I strongly recommend him as an executive coach. - MP

Specialist areas
Confidence Cross Cultural Decision Making Delegation Emotional Intelligence Employee Engagement Leadership Personality Profiling Team Development Time Management Work/Life balance Partner Offer
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