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Dorothy Tande

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About me

Executive Coach - London

I am a highly skilled executive coach who enjoys working with individuals at all levels of organisations and from all backgrounds, professions and sectors. I have a deep interest in development of individuals in the workplace and how they embrace their uniqueness, strengths and potential to achieve their goals. I coach in personal development and wellbeing, career and leadership. This is enhanced by wealth of experience in human resource development/OD for more than 25 years up to director level in the NHS (Chartered Fellow CIPD). Started in retail sector. Background also includes commissioning in NHS organisations, working with boards and CEOs.

Typically coach:

• Team leaders at the frontline of service delivery and those leading organisational service improvement programmes.
• Rising stars at all levels of organisations aspiring in their careers but maybe facing challenges.
• Those from minority ethnic backgrounds.
• Parents returning after a career break.


• UNESCO - Associate Coach, Freelance.

• Mindbeat - Associate Coach, Freelance.

• CAPITA Learning - Associate Coach, Freelance.

• Cognomie - Associate Coach, Freelance.

• Healthcare People Management Association London - Associate Coach, Freelance.

• NHS - coached frontline team leaders via South West Leadership Academy during the pandemic and on a leadership programme for newly qualified GPs. Coached for London Leadership Academy. Coach clinicians aspiring to senior executive roles, service improvement leads and others widely.

• Charities - coach and mentor for SHELTER and The McPin Foundation (mental health research charity) - featured in organisation's wellbeing week podcast (2023).

• Ethnic minorities - coach internationally recruited NHS clinical staff including nurses and allied health professionals, supporting career progression.

• Private sector - coach from retail, finance and transport.

• Pro bono - CIPD - mentor parents returning after a break.

If you choose to work with me, you get a coach who is interested in you as a unique individual, somebody who will help you to better appreciate your own value, strengths and attributes that you have to offer in the workplace. I will help you work out how best to use these to better manage yourself, your wellbeing and happiness at work. I am a person who is genuine, non-judgemental, approachable, collaborative, friendly and above all, somebody who will listen to you fully and help you figure out what will work best for you. If you are job hunting, I will also help you strengthen and better articulate your skills. My energy comes from seeing people become more aware of their inner resources, and building confidence and self-belief to flourish at work.

Central to my coaching is positive psychology and its strengths-base/what you do best/what energises you. As one of my favourite quotes from the tennis champion Roger Federer goes, ‘if you are good at something, make it everything'. I work with what you value, resilience and wellbeing, how well you understand your emotions and others', and use emotional information to be effective.

Please feel free to request a free half-hour consultation!
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council GlobalBritish Psychological Society Division of Coaching PsychologyInternational Society for Coaching Psychology

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Accredited Senior Practitioner


EMCC Accredited - Senior Practitioner EMCC Accredited - Executive Coach Practitioner CertificatePositive Psychology in Coaching Certificate Chartered Fellow - Chartered Institute of Personnel and DevelopmentPsychometrics:Emotional Intelligence - EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 AccreditedStrengths Profile Practitioner - AccreditedImpact 360 Leadership Feedback Coaching - AccreditedMental Fitness Coaching - AccreditedFurther Training:Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing Career Coaching Emotional Intelligence CoachingCoaching for InclusionGestalt CoachingChange Management

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As a result of working with Dorothy, in a very practical sense, the sessions helped me identify that I did want to do a CEO-level role, particularly a co-CEO or Co-Director role, so that when I then saw one come up in an organisation in the sector, I immediately identified it as an opportunity that I wanted to pursue, and was then offered the job which has been an excellent next step for me. I really appreciated that Dorothy took a ‘therapeutic’ approach, being very live to my body language, tone, energy etc and reflected that back to me. She also seemed to strike a good balance between asking me to set a focus for our sessions and then introducing useful perspectives and tools to move me forward. Dorothy also seemed to really get to know me and felt invested in what happened to me – it felt really great that she was so pleased for me when I got offered the job. Her focus on me using my strengths and believing in myself feels like a really great intervention for the self-doubt that I don’t always notice but is definitely a key part of my make up. Co-Director, Charity Sector Organisation


Before working with Dorothy, I had never had an executive coach, and was honestly a little sceptical. However, from the moment I first met with Dorothy, I knew her impact would be invaluable. Dorothy explained the coaching process so well, and immediately put me at ease, creating a safe space to share my experiences, goals and aspirations. Given the pressurized and fast-paced nature of my work environment, I sometimes had to chop and change appointment dates, and truly appreciated how exceptionally flexible and accommodating Dorothy was. Dorothy was instrumental in helping me build my personal brand, and instilled in me a new level of confidence in my ideas and ambitions. This really helped me achieve my personal and professional goals. Throughout my coaching tenure, Dorothy was a helpful sounding board for everything from important national presentations, public speaking engagements and even mentally preparing for new opportunities. I strongly recommend Dorothy as a coach and mentor and absolutely loved working with her. Assistant Director Nursing


My mentoring journey with Dorothy was incredibly useful and insightful. It helped me consider differently and more effectively how I approach my work and line management, and also enabled me to identify key areas that I could focus on to improve in my role and on my career path. I completed my sessions with a much better sense of what I needed to feel more confident, my leadership values and my career goals, all of which have made me a more productive leader for my organisation. Dorothy’s approach is thoughtful and considered – she is fantastic at making you stop and think about statements you make that you would normally say and not notice, but she encourages you to note these things down and think about them which has served me immensely. Head of Service, Charity Sector.


I always looked forward to the coaching sessions with Dorothy, even when initially, my situation at work seemed hopeless. Dorothy allowed me to talk, to open up, to challenge myself and to consider various techniques. I can clearly see the progression in my thinking, optimism and confidence in taking my career forward. This has been my first experience at professional coaching and it has been thoroughly positive. In hindsight, I wish I had searched for and initiated the coaching sessions earlier. Asset Manager.


Dorothy was a wonderful coach, she listened and encouraged me to work outside my comfort zone and try new ways of managing situations which in turn enabled me to develop my management skills. Her guidance enabled me to look more widely and strategically when trying to influence change. Clinical Nurse Specialist

Specialist areas
Career Direction Communication Confidence Conflict DE&I Emotional Intelligence Influencing Skills Leadership Managing Change Work/Life balance Partner Offer
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