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Letchworth Garden City

United Kingdom

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Executive Coach - Letchworth Garden City

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at my coaching profile and consider me as your coach. I believe I’m a great coaching match for many clients and I equally recognise that my ‘flavour’ isn’t right for everyone. I’d love you to choose me because you believe we could be that great match, to support you in achieving your goals. My intent and promise would be to be totally focused on that for you, support you, challenge you and stretch your growth and learning.

If you do chose me as your coach you’ll find that my profile doesn’t read like some coaches’ and that’s because of the ‘blend’ of experience I bring to my work as an Executive Coach, more about that below.

Coaching clients at all levelsI coach clients that are ‘elite’ and at the ‘top of their game’ all the way through to ‘grass roots’. This is because my career has evolved from being the first woman on a joint Fire/Ambulance Station through to working as a director across organisational boundaries and in highly political systems. This makes me pragmatic, determined and astute! Added to that since 2010 I have been running my own coaching practice as a Professionally Qualified Coach (PCC), Coach Supervisor and Coach mentor. I also train Coaches.

Behavioural & performance change My expertise is focused on behavioural & performance change in organisations and is best summarised as a tripartite of a) Executive coaching, coach mentoring, coach supervision and training b) Executive & Trustee positions, including active engagement in a range of Senior Leadership activities and c) Senior interim positions focusing on clinical quality, patient care, service development and innovation.

Tenacious leader/coach So, what you get is a tenacious leader/coach, who is willing and able to challenge the status quo, through both support and challenge. A coach whose success is built upon good relationships and rapport, good listening skills and good questioning skills. A grounded coach with an intent that is always driven by my ambition for your continuous improvement and success.

I am very clear that my personal and work values embrace care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, commitment, and consistency. These are all at the core of who I am and what I believe in. I believe in difference, not just equality & diversity but the difference every individual has to offer, meaning everyone has something important to contribute.

"An oasis of calm" Clients have described me as ‘an oasis of calm’ and ‘an alchemist’. Some say I frown, that’s only because I’m listening carefully. I am a robust coach and little fazes me, you can bring anything to the confidential and safe space I create. People I work with often have conversations with me, about themselves and their own impact, these are frequently courageous and could make them very vulnerable in other spaces. Amazing insight and learning comes from this place of honesty.

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International Coach Federation

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ICF - Professional Certified Coach


Certificate in CoachingDiploma in CoachingCertificate in Coach Supervision and Coach MentoringTransactional Analysis - FoundationOccupational, Ability and Personality (Level A and B) NEO personality questionnaireDISC Personality ProfilingGraduate of 'Common Purpose'ONS Certificate in MediationMSc Evaluation of Clinical Practice

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Many thanks for all the work you did with me. It’s made such a difference to my outlook and attitude toward things I didn’t think I could achieve. Head of Training Resources and Development, Education Academy


A phenomenal coach and mentor. Lesley has a rare and unique ability to challenge and support often even without words. The space she creates enables unbelievable awareness and I am forever grateful that she is a human being I have found to be on my team of developers of Rach. R.H.


I have had the pleasure of Lesley mentoring and coaching me for over 3 years. I had become stagnant and frustrated at work. Lesley help me to see a direction I wanted to go and support my progress towards my goal. I am now in my final year of my Masters Degree and have just been successful in a new role. Lesley helped me focus on what was important and challenge my limiting beliefs. Thank you.


Lesley coached and mentored me recently as part of my own process of continuously developing as a coach. I wanted to review the coaching competencies and deepen my understanding and connection to them. At this time I was also preparing my submission for my coaching re-accreditation and so I wanted to use some of our sessions to think through my learning experiences from the last 3 years and decide which I wanted to submit that were relevant to my coaching practice. Lesley is a great partner and so the structure and environment we created together made our sessions enjoyable and authentic for us both. Because of Lesley's values and positive intent, I knew I could be at my most creative and open to how my thinking, feeling and behaviours were developing and also where I was getting stuck. I found Lesley's insightful, appropriately challenging questions and observations really helped me get clearer on the areas that I am developing further and, importantly for me, recognise where I have now developed more instinctive coaching behaviours and where my internal process is quietening as a result. I would recommend Lesley to anyone committed to making change. Her coaching and mentoring will enable you to make it stick. Annette Turner, Learning & Development Consultant


I first started having coaching sessions with Lesley when l was appointed into a new role. Her expertise was invaluable to enable me to identify the tasks that l needed to undertake so that l felt confident in the role. Within the sessions l felt totally at ease with Lesley she uses a variety of approaches to get me to think, and ultimately act providing the right balance to confirm and challenge my thoughts which l found supportive and informative. As a result of my coaching sessions with Lesley l am now able to recognise certain behaviours within others and use the approaches that l have discovered that l posses to manage the situation more appropriately.  WR General Manager


Lesley has coached me for the last few months. She is has been instrumental in helping make some positive decisions about my next steps in my career. And now she is supporting me enabling those next steps and pulling a realistic plan together to move forward. She pushes and challenges me but also allows me the space I need to process my thoughts and reach the right conclusions. She is warm, funny, encouraging and very down to earth - which is exactly what I need in a coach! She is also very giving and flexible which I've appreciated a lot. I've learnt a lot from working with Lesley, not just in what I've learnt about myself and the progress I've made, but also in what it takes to be a great coach. Henri Stevenson.


I have known Lesley over the past 7 years in various professional capacities. Most recently I have contracted with her for supervision on my coaching practice. Lesley brings together a freshness and authenticity in her approach that is grounded in deep empathy and professional practice. She skilfully weaves together her listening skills, intuition and moment by moment choices of what will best serve the relationship and the learning. I have felt heard and understood and completely free to explore who I am within my work knowing that I have a trusted witness to my process. Karen Pratt PCC Coach, Coach Supervisor, Learning Consultant


I had the opportunity to be coached by Lesley in a previous Higher Education post. I found her to be professional, flexible and creative in her approach. The work we did was pivotal in helping me thing think through organisational challenges, identifying and evaluating a range of options for action. She also helped me analyse my own approaches to leadership, encouraging me to broaden my repertoire of responses to good effect. CM


I have had the privilege of being coached by Lesley for six years and I trust her implicitly. I was the headteacher of a large secondary school when I started coaching sessions with Lesley and she worked with me as I started, and then grew, one of the country’s first multi academy trusts. Her excellent coaching style challenged me and supported me as I steered my way through the minefield of leading a new organisation. When the time was right for me, Lesley helped me to move on to my next career move in my current role as director of an educational consultancy company. Lesley has a wonderful range of tools and skills which she uses to great effect and I am tired at the end of a coaching session because I am made to think because ‘easy’ (lazy) solutions are always challenged. Lesley’s skill means that I analyse the options around issues and one of my favourite parts of a coaching session is when the rain clears and I can suddenly see the road ahead. I would recommend Lesley as a coach to anybody in a leadership position and to anyone who needs clarity over strategy or an aspect of their work which needs to be explored in a safe but rigorous environment.


I have had a number of sessions with Lesley in the past year. I have worked with her because of a fairly serious stress/anxiety episode that highlighted an ongoing condition. The symptoms were both mental and physical, bought on it seems from a long build-up over a number of years. Lesley has worked with me, as a compassionate listener, a thoughtful and sophisticated challenger to deliver methods and tools that I can utilise personally to drive behavioural adjustment and to work on external changes to bring better life opportunities in to my "world". Lesley has been non-judgemental, has ensured very skilfully that I resolve my issues and drive the changes myself. Her open, thoughtful and highly perceptive meetings have been a revelation, allowing me to look at all the influences within my life that led me to the point that I reached where I could no longer function in the role that I had at that time. Most importantly, she has led me to re-appraise, feel good about myself and has been critical in allowing me to re-engage with the world of business and I believe her work with me (which is still ongoing) has helped/ensured that I am a fully functioning member of society again. Jim Butler Business Development Lead


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