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Jill Savage

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Coach Supervisor

Leeds, Manchester & Sheffield

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach - Leeds, Manchester & Sheffield

I am an executive coach, coach supervisor and mindfulness teacher working in and around Leeds, Manchester & Sheffield. I have worked in the corporate world in personal development for over thirty years with high-performing achievers, helping you from the inside-out to:-
- Be wide open to new levels of performance, creativity and engagement
- Have more control over your mind and unhelpful patterns
such as the imposter syndrome, critic, perfectionism, people pleaser, so you can be more calm, focused and purposeful.
- To enjoy ongoing feelings of flourishing, well-being, confidence and success

I run the 6 week Mental Fitness Programme which increases performance, creates a calm mind and a lasting positive and happier mindset. The mental fitness programme supports the daily muscle building that is required for a significant and lasting change in your mindset and wiring of your brain. If you are committed to improving your performance, happiness, and effectiveness dramatically whilst reducing stress, then this is the programme for you. It runs on-line and includes weekly video sessions, an exclusive App guiding your practice, an interactive PQ Gym and daily progress tracking. For more information and costs for this package including 6 weekly pod coaching sessions with me then please contact me at

Stress and Burnout
Typically my coaching clients are in transition, wanting to take their leadership to the next level, attain higher levels of influence and impact, work with stress and burn-out, explore career transition, emotional well-being, self-belief and build self-authorship of their lives both personally and professionally.

My coaching supervision clients are individuals who appreciate a safe, non-judgmental space to reflect deeply on their work and to heighten awareness and perspective.

Neuroscience and Mindfulness
My approach is integrative, aligned and whole-heartedly tailored to your needs as we explore your personal story. My work is informed and draws on a wealth of practice, training and qualifications, in particular neuroscience and mindfulness. I am also informed from the psychologies of compassion, clinical transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology and attachment theory.

I have worked with leaders from organisations in Financial Services, Retail, Food, Media, Manufacturing & Public Sector which has given me a valuable perspective of organisations and individuals.

I also train leaders(inside and outside organisations) to be professional coaches at certificate and diploma level. I run mindfulness courses and retreats in Derbyshire or via distance learning for coaches and leaders.

I would be delighted to have a call to learn about the challenges you are working with. We can explore ways in which my services might benefit you at this time. Please e-mail or click on the “Send a message” button.
Professional body membership

Association for Coaching

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Individual Full Member


Teacher Training in Mindfulness with Bangor University (2014 to present); Advance Compassion Focused Therapy with Professor Paul Gilbert 2017; Coaching: The Science of the Art of Coaching - Professor Paul Brown (2014); Diploma in Coaching Supervision with C.S.A. (I.C.F. approved); Accredited Coach Supervisor with the Coach Supervision Academy Co-Active fundamentals and Intermediate Coach Training with the Coaches Training Institute; Solutions Focused Training for coaching 1:1 and teams with TSF; Licensed practitioner with HeartMath UK; Practitioner in N.L.P. with ITS TA (Transactional Analysis); 101 certificate with The Berne Institute; Foundation certificate in T.A.; Advanced clinical training in TA psychotherapy with the Berne Institute (3 yrs); Psychometric instruments including MBTI step 1 and step 2; 16PF Personality profiling with Oxford Psychological Press; OPQ personality profile with Saville and Holdsworth; Margerisson and McCann Team Wheel; FIRO B with Learning Edge; Assessment Centre design and Management with Saville and Holdsworth; Chartered Member of C.I.P.D.

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I have had the immense privilege of being coached by Jill. During our coaching relationship I have grown into a confident, authentic and impactful senior leader. Jill is an amazing coach and has enabled me to be a more effective corporate leader, staying true to my values whilst building my personal resilience and finding my authentic voice in times of conflict. I have been enabled to move on in my thinking, how I manage my feelings and how I see myself as a senior leader. Thanks to Jill I now have my own tool box of skills, knowledge and frameworks which has enabled me to be my best self at work and in my personal life. Jill is an inspirational, accomplished and excellent coach and her insightful coaching has made such a positive difference my performance, wellbeing and resilience. Thank you Jill. Penny Spring Director of Public Health


Jill is an inspiring Coach Supervisor. She has supported me with the development of a cohort of developing coaches. The unanimous feedback from the group is that Jill has been highly supportive and engaging in her approach. Jill has positively impacted individual development through a balance of challenge, insight and encouragement, sharing relevant models and ideas about mindfulness, neuroscience and coaching. This has resulted in great enthusiasm and a desire to share these gems more widely amongst the group! I would highly recommend Jill as a Coach Supervisor and Facilitator.


I find Jill to be an exceptional role model, a coach with genuine warmth and empathy who balances compassion with practical tools and encouragement. I have known Jill for many years and have experienced her work as a tutor on coach training and as a coach supervisor. Jill’s coaching sessions are insightful and well informed by her wealth of knowledge and expertise in mindfulness, neuroscience and managing transitions and she appears effortlessly to be able to introduce relevant models and ideas at appropriate moments. I also really appreciate the follow up resources that she generously shares. Coaching with Jill always sparks clarity of thought and I come away from sessions with new perspectives and refreshed confidence in times of change. I whole heartedly recommend Jill as an Executive Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Coach Supervisor. Nicola Rowe, Leadership Development Consultant and Coach


I attended Jill's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme (aka the eight week MBSR), around two years ago and have participated in a number of retreats & practice days with Jill since; all of which I have found to be extremely beneficial in terms of my own personal practice, within my work as a Coach and also as a fledgling Mindfulness Teacher. Jill is highly professional in her approach and her teachings shine from within; she has immersed herself in the study and practice of Mindful Living and her knowledge is both inspiring and completely accessible. Jill is truly dedicated to helping others embody the practice of mindfulness in to their personal and professional lives. Weaving mindfulness practice in to my work and my life has been invaluable; the tools and techniques help me to remain calm and grounded when things get overwhelming, enable me to manage my self-critic and see my way through the irrational habit formed thinking patterns that do not serve me. I now get to pass this on to my clients and witness how simple mindset changes and a deeper understanding of yourself can become the catalyst for lasting change. Personally, now that I have this new insight, I feel much more aligned with my own values and life vision and I am connected to what helps me to thrive rather than just survive! I find Jill's style to be gentle, empathetic, motivating and wise. I would not hesitate in recommending her work to friends, colleagues and clients (which I already have!) Vicky O'Donoghue, Personal Development Coach, Training Facilitator & Mindfulness Teacher


Jill has been my supervisor for several months in my career and executive coaching practice. She is extremely well qualified and knowledgeable about all things coaching including different theories and models. Her specialism is mindfulness. I find her to be hugely insightful and helpful to my ongoing learning. The sessions are well structured and organised and I always come away from them having gained enrichment into my own coaching practice and methods. Jill is wonderfully kind and generous and she always follows up the sessions with promised materials and additional information to support ongoing personal development and learning. She is encouraging and adds the feel good factor to the coaching supervision sessions we have had so far. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill as an excellent executive coach, mindfulness teacher and supervisor. Diana Dawson. Working Career

Specialist areas
Assertiveness Career Direction Confidence Emotional Intelligence Influencing Skills Leadership Managing Emotions Mental Health Mindfulness Personal Impact Resilience Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Work/Life balance Partner Offer
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