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Dominik Szot

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About me

Executive & Leadership Coach - Kraków

Executive & Leadership Coach Focused on Leaders' Legacy.

As a global entrepreneur and founder of numerous businesses (,,,, board member and CEO, and a manager and director in corporations, Dominik possesses deep understanding of group dynamics, business development constraints and changes in organizations.

After going through two crises in 2008 and 2020 with his company, Dominik knows how to swap negative market situations into promising development perspectives, and how to turn setbacks into lessons which empower leaders and their colleagues for new, smarter and braver development.

Since creating MIA Sp. z o.o. in 1999, with its’ global growth, subsidiaries in Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan, Dominik can develop any organization driving it by profit through continuous re-engineering, positive staff motivation and forging a unique business model, backed by agile management and servant leadership.

Since 2013 Dominik also has been running a consulting agency to support companies in challenging times. He has mainly coached top and mid-level managers. His coaching knowledge and competencies are still growing (now in Non-Violent Communication and Clean Coaching).

Dominik supports leaders in discovering their true calling and help them change, to better live and manage their organizations more efficiently through:
=> Help in development in difficult times and utilizing their strengths, to find new niches and opportunities.
=> Inspiration how to turn setbacks into chances for growth.
=> Facilitation in re-engineering, cost-optimization, organizational adaptation, and business model transformation.
=> Support in succession design and its successful management.
=> Assistance in changing company culture tailored at the chosen strategy...
=> Aid in crisis management in going through difficult times, overcoming challenges and moving forward together.
=> Boosting sense giving and setting aspiring goals for people.
=> Building an atmosphere of trust and a strong community among the staff and management.
=> Backing creation of a clear vision, strategy and purpose and strategy execution through staff commitment.
=> Discovering values as a compass for activities and building competencies as a foundation for successful actions.
=> Promoting servant leadership and coaching management by modeling those attitudes in situational leadership.

Dominik’s competitive advantage in Executive Coaching
#1 3o-year global business experience
#2 Company vision, mission, structure and strategy creation and implementation
#3 Global business development, establishing companies and building strong relationships
#4 Business niches finding and optimizing their utilisation (especially in difficult times).
#5 New businesses preparation, implementation and development.
#6 Business model modification in order to find the best option for a sustainable company growth
#7 Efficiency and profitability improvement for better cash-flow, application of break-through methods,
#8 Culture change and staff engagement in transformation processes
#9 Removing business threats, re-engineering and crisis management
#10 Funds, finance sources and venture partners acquisition
#11 Uniting, motivating and supporting staff in achieving one common goal
#12 Promoting agile management and servant leadership

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Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


Certified Leader and Team Coach in Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder Centered Coaching (USA),Forbes Coaches Council member (USA)Certified Professional Coach in Solution-Focused Coaching by Erickson International (Canada),Professional Certified Coach [PCC] by ICF (USA),Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner by Pennsylvania University Positive Psychology Faculty (USA),Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming by iNLP, (USA),Certified Professional Agile Management Coach - Professional Scrum Master PSM-1 by SCRUM (USA),Certified Clean Coach in Clean Coaching for Leadership by the Institute of Leadership and Clean Coaching Centre, (UK)Certified Situational Leadership Trainer by Situational Leadership Studies (uSA)Certified Nonviolent Communication Practitioner by Dialogue Unlimited (Poland)

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The overall benefits working with Dominik is that he has a broad understanding of the polish business climate in it's particular challenges faced by small businesses which tend to be bullied in the market. He helped me to regain my confidence when deals did not go through and try new or different approaches to the challenges I faced. His insights on working with the younger generation which I have found to be challenging were most useful and practical. I am more than happy to promote Dominik as a coach leadership trainer and do and will recommend him. He has a specific non-intrusive manner which helped me come to some very interesting findings and conclusions.

Specialist areas
DE&I Emotional Intelligence Employee Engagement Leadership Resilience Stakeholder Strategy Talent Management Team Coaching Team Development
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