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About me
Organisational Coach I The Coach's Mentor

• A new or developing coach ?
• An organisation needing support with remote working and employee engagement ?
• A Leader feeling overwhelmed by the changing demands of the workplace, strategic challenges or looking for career transition support ?

I work with HR teams, leaders and coaches to enable them to overcome the following challenges:

Organisational Challenges:
• Staff retention / engagement
• Development of high performing achievers / ‘talent’ development
• Enabling D&I awareness
• Supporting neurodiversity within the organisation
• Require a fresh approach to an existing mentoring programme
• Designing and implementing a new mentoring programme
• Mentor Training
• Development of internal coaches

Leadership Challenges:
• Executive Leadership skills development, strategic development
• Leading in a remote/hybrid environment
• Career Transition
• Future leaders - confidence, leadership awareness, emotional intelligence, effective leadership skills

Coach Challenges:
• Gaining confidence with new clients
• Acquiring a broader knowledge base of diagnostics, interventions, current approaches from “Thought Leaders”
• Having a 'safe space' to discuss coaching dilemmas
• An opportunity to learn from peers
• Support with ongoing CPD
• Exploring current coaching practices
• Business direction – how to set up your new coaching business from day 1

Coaches and mentors are supported through 1:1 coaching and mentoring, training, supervision and CPD within the Coach Mentoring hub. Supporting their ongoing development and knowledge base.

Organisations are supported through:
• Designing and implementing bespoke leadership and training programmes
• Designing and implementing bespoke coaching and mentoring programmes
• Executive Coaching
• Using Profiling and Psychometric tools

I am a fully qualified, accredited coach with over 30 years' experience as a business leader, coach and mentor. I am used to working within a variety of sectors, across mature, emerging and multicultural markets; which enables me to fully understand real day to day people, leadership and coaching challenges.

I am passionate about enabling, leaders and coaches to fulfil their potential and supporting organisations to achieve greater employee engagement, people development and growth.

If you would like to discover more about how I can support yourself or your organisation, then I would love to hear from you.

You can call direct on: 0044 (0)7484 123692

Or email, giving a brief description of your enquiry, to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
Professional body membership

Association for CoachingEuropean Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Individual Full MemberEMCC - Professional memberEMCC - Accredited Senior Practitioner


Master executive Coach ACMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching & MentoringDISCGB AccreditedApproved DISC Trainer Approved Trainer The Five Behaviors Team DevelopmentBelbin Profiling CertificateCertificate in Career CoachingTransactional Analysis / Emotional Intelligence CertifiedCertificate in Neuroscience for Coaching CIPDCertificate in Neuroscience for Leadership CIPDNeuroscience Foundation ILM/USWThomas Kilmann Conflict Model CertifiedQualified to use the Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM)

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Sue was my accreditation Mentor, whilst I was gaining my Senior Practitioner accreditation with EMCC Global. I am hugely grateful to Sue for her professionalism and huge commitment to her role as mentor in this process and also for stepping into my 'light' at this level of practice. Sue is hugely patient and empathic and is modelling the true purpose and qualities of mentorship and servant leadership. Sue took the time to help me identify my key areas of growth relevant to the accreditation process which helped me to acknowledge myself in this. Her constructive supportive and feedback both encouraged and pushed me to really step up and speak to what I had achieved and to my potential going forward. She is very perceptive, kind and personable and I know she deeply cares. This has meant a lot to me and sets a standard and expectation for myself and her other mentees. I am deeply grateful to Sue for her generosity in the time given to me in this process.


I requested Sue as a Mentor through the EMCC Mentor Programme. 'As a newly-qualified executive coach and mentor starting my own professional practice, I very much appreciate the guidance and shared knowledge that Sue has given me. It's been extremely helpful to have this support from someone who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt! Sue has helped me to develop confidence in my ability and encouraged me to get out there and build my business. Thank you, Sue.'  - Nicki


Sue was my Mentor for the EMCC Accreditation process. Sue was very tuned into my needs and quickly and effectively built a good rapport with me. Through questioning Sue was able to explore my relevant experience and requirements and help me to appreciate what I was bringing to EMCC to become an accredited coach. Throughout the mentoring process Sue maintained a very positive and appropriate mentoring relationship with me at all times. Thank you Sue, for all of your support with this process which I had been meaning to embark upon for 5 years, but you made it possible! I am now accredited at Senior Practitioner Level with EMCC UK. Helen Franklin, Executive Coach, Free to Lead


I selected Sue as a business Mentor through the EMCC UK Mentoring Programme. Sue’s coaching style to support my Mentoring journey helped me understand and articulate with clarity my strengths as an executive coach and the wider experience I bring to my coaching offer. Sue brought a lot of her business knowledge and experience to our sessions, which I have found extremely helpful. There has been a good balance between helping me explore new avenues (e.g. around team development/coaching, diagnostics) and how to develop new networks. Sue’s mentoring has given me greater confidence about my strengths as a coach and how my experience from my previous senior management role could add value to my coaching proposition. Matthew Cross, Executive Coach and former Deputy CEO


Sue coached me last year through an issue I faced at work. She built rapport with me early on, making me feel at ease. Her professional and friendly approach made me trust her, creating a safe and open environment. Sue’s coaching had a huge impact on the situation I found myself in. I was initially extremely frustrated and Sue picked up on this early on. She listened deeply and gave me the space to off-load my concerns. Sue’s questioning helped me identify a short term outcome at the beginning which helped me see a way forward. On occasions, Sue challenged me and used diagnostics tools like Myers Briggs and Johari Window to help me better understand mine and other people’s preferences, behaviours and self awareness. This gave me a better understanding of the situation and helped me identify actions that would limit some of the frustration I was feeling. In between our coaching sessions, I spent a lot of time self-reflecting. This resulted in me adapting my initial outcome and finding harmony with the situation at work. The coaching has had such a positive impact on my work and personal life and it’s all down to Sue’s coaching. Thank you Sue ! C. Ress, Learning and Engagement Manager, National Assembly for Wales


Sue has a real ability to take away the overwhelm and help you find the answers that you are searching for. I really value our time together and always come away feeling focused and energised. I benefitted hugely from the coaching sessions where Sue helped me to gain more clarity around situations and become more focussed in my business. Sue’s business experience enabled her to be a very informed coach and a great sounding board. Sue is very non judgemental in her approach and very encouraging but questioning in an effective way. Supporting me to navigate challenges and help me talk through solutions. I now have renewed energy, drive and focus and have regained my mojo ! I look forward to continuing my coaching sessions with Sue. Elaine. Sales Coach/ Business Owner


Whilst working with Sue over the past 18 months, I have observed her training & coaching staff members and key business stakeholders. For the past 12 months Sue has been working with a team of 10 Sales Directors to develop their leadership skills and business focus. Part of this coaching involved training and coaching on aspects of a new national sales strategy and supporting their skills development to align with this strategy. Sue conducted team and 1:1 coaching and training covering areas such as business planning, communication and interpersonal skills plus team engagement. Sue also coached the Sales Directors and various key stakeholders on how to coach their teams more effectively to ensure successful implementation of the strategy. Sue also introduced a new evaluation method to ensure effective measurement of the training and coaching; which gave demonstrated results vs the key strategy KPI’s. During this process Sue always asked for team input and feedback to ensure continuous improvement and company KPIs were achieved. As part of her role as Business Coach, Sue has also mentored 2 internal senior managers to expand their knowledge and involvement with the new sales strategy. Sue’s leadership and coaching ability made a huge impact on the skill level, behaviour changes and effective implementation of the new strategy. It has been great working with you Sue. Many thanks for your continued support of the Director team. - SG/ National Area Leader/ MK Cosmetics  


Sue’s recent coaching has enabled me to become more aware of my behaviours which contribute to positive and negative outcomes. Sue has helped me with techniques to improve my confidence in handling team and potential conflict situations. Through Sue’s coaching I have gained a better understanding of other’s learning and management styles and considering these when communicating with them. I now have a toolkit of new skills that I can draw upon to support me with improved communication skills and managing relationships. I would highly recommend Sue's coaching. - CM. Senior Marketing Director


Sue has an empathetic and authentic coaching style and quickly and naturally builds rapport with her clients. She is an outstanding listener and, in the sessions observed by myself, gave her client plenty of space and time to explore the issues. She is able to reflect back both words and feelings which enables the client to work at a deeper level. She is comfortable challenging her clients in a supportive way and is able to confidently use diagnostics and other appropriate interventions to help increase her client’s awareness. Sue has a clear understanding of herself, she is clearly committed to self-development and is able to effectively manage contracts and build relationships at a Senior level. She is confident in the use of models, techniques and interventions that enable insight and learning. She is outcome and action orientated when supporting the client to make desired changes. Sue is skilful at linking back to previous sessions to ensure that the clients aims/outcomes have been achieved or acted on. Sue constantly reviews her own performance via self reflection and feedback from myself and her clients to continually improve her coaching practice. I believe Sue to be a highly professional and capable coach who meets all the criteria of Senior Practitioner within the EMCC. Karen Whittleworth, Qualified Supervisor. Owner, Director of Worth Consulting Ltd.


I required Sue’s mentorship to support my career progression & leadership development within the top talent development programme at Vodafone Business. Sue’s mentorship & coaching has been invaluable, especially within a challenging & unpredictable environment where strategic goals & business needs have changed rapidly over the past few months due to Covi19. Through the use of various leadership tools and psychometrics Sue helped me gain more clarity around my leadership style, self-awareness and understanding my strengths and development areas. The mentorship was also particularly important in supporting my career move within Vodafone. I have been successful in achieving this goal and I move to my next role within the next few weeks. Sue’s mentorship within this process has been critical in providing guidance, advice and coaching to help me secure this new position. Thank you ! THB. HR Business Consultant, Vodafone Business. September 2020


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