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Executive Coach - Frome

Do you want to:
• discover what brings you joy and fulfilment, creating success in your life and career, without burnout being an inevitability
• be a great leader without having to compromise who you truly are
• end the constant cycle of work-life trade-offs
• relax in your life and work, without the fear that this will bring negative results
• face your fears, get rid of your avoidance strategies and step into your power

I have worked as a coach and an organisation and behaviour change specialist for over 30 years. I have experience across a range of sectors and business situations. I have proven success at transforming not only structures and the way people work, but also cultures and the way people behave. I have delivered coaching, and behaviour change programmes for corporate clients, within the Public and charity sectors, with entrepreneurs and leaders of SMEs.

I am driven to enable people to become the very best version of themselves, free to achieve personal and professional success – however they define that. I believe people can achieve this without the need to trade-off work or life, compromise their well-being or hit burnout.
Throughout my life I have seen and experienced what it takes to be a high performer, and the price that is often paid in the pursuit of success. I have also experienced my own burnout and the resultant cycles of depression and anxiety. The experience I bring to coaching is a lived one, supported by professional qualifications and a wealth of client experience. I have experienced first-hand what it means to face your fears, to become familiar with my shadows as well as my strengths, to become resilient and fulfilled.

Coaching can feel simple, creative, straightforward and fun. It can also feel challenging and tough. There is no silver bullet, I don’t hand out an easy fix. However, I can support you to identify and push for what you want, to overcome setbacks and achieve the results you want. Client feedback suggests that I strike a balance between providing strong and stretching challenge; alongside a reflective, supportive and reframing role.

My training as an Accredited Professional ICF coach provides the foundation of my coaching approach. I create a bespoke approach for each client, drawing on my professional training, somatic and neuroscience based coaching techniques, and 30 years of practical experience. I coach clients in my private office close to Frome in Somerset, from their office or via video call.
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International Coach Federation

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ICF - Professional Certified Coach


AOEC - Resilience in CoachingFull Circle - Certificate in Team Coaching PracticeHogan 360

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Specialist areas
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Managing Change Managing Emotions Problem Solving Resilience Talent Management Team Coaching Team Development Work/Life balance
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