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Ken Smith

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Coach Supervisor

Essex, Suffolk & London

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach and Supervisor - Essex, Suffolk & London

I have been working as a coach for many years: first as an internal coach and later taking clients from a wide range of Government organisations through a national coaches’ network I set up and ran for five years. Since 2011 I've been an independent coach and supervisor.

I've worked with clients across various sectors and from Director level to front line delivery staff, on a wide range of agendas and in a diversity of work contexts.

These include, for example, dealing with job overwhelm, transitioning to a new role, building stakeholder relationships more skilfully and strategically, how to express leadership in a given situation, how to re-engage and become more resourceful while experiencing structural and cultural change, becoming a more effective and confident people manager and gaining clarity on career goals and life-work balance. I also work with clients with neuro-diverse conditions to help them develop workplace strategies.

I'm especially interested in supporting people to find meaning in their work and a richer and more productive sense of their own excellence. I take a "whole person" approach, which balances the personal and the organisational, but it is also one which, regardless of the specific agenda, expects clients to be deeply and honestly curious about themselves and to make a serious commitment to their development and to their organisations.

Coaching Supervisor
As well as being an Executive Coach, I'm is also a coaching supervisor. I have a particular interest in supervision for internal coaches, where the impact of the wider system and the coach’s unspoken role as representing the organisation may add an extra layer of complexity to the coach-client relationship. I provide supervision to individual coaches and to groups and am a registered tutor in coaching supervision for the ILM.

I run occasional workshops introducing coaches to Clean Language, an area in which I specialise. As part of my practice, I have written and edited numerous articles about coaching and supervision.

Otherwise my interests range widely, from medieval history and the German language to contemporary art. In addition to writing about coaching, I have published various musings, miniatures and memoirs. I enjoy walking in the forests and mountains of Europe and generally manage to find my way.

Please contact me using the 'Send a message' button to arrange a call to explore how we can work together.
Professional body membership

Association for CoachingBritish Psychological Society Division of Coaching Psychology

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Accredited Executive Coach


AoEC Intermediate Diploma in Executive CoachingCSA Diploma in Coaching SupervisionClean Change: Clean FacilitatorPerformance Partnership: NLP Master PractitionerSheffield University: M.Ed Learning & Development

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Ken helped me a lot during our sessions. When I started I was feeling a bit deflated and I had lost my drive and enthusiasm. I had a lot going on and had lost my way a bit. Talking things through with Ken helped me see all the positives I had achieved and stopped me focussing on my negatives. Looking back I could see all the good things I had done for the practice. I can see the positive changes I have implemented along the way. I am pleased to say that since my sessions I have appointed a new reception manager and The ANP's in the practice have taken on the role of Nurse manager jointly. We are remodelling Nursing/HCA services together to make things more efficient. The appointment of the new reception manager means I will be able to delegate more and share the burden. Ken helped me focus on planning for the development of these roles. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now and things do look brighter for the future for me. When we get back to some sort of normal situation I feel we will be better equipped to deal with the challenges. Thank you Ken.


I found Ken very easy to communicate with. He works at your own pace and you never feel rushed, but do feel appropriately challenged which is important to get the most out of the coaching! R.M.


I worked with Ken over a 4 month period having started a new role 6 months before and feeling a little 'lost' in terms of planning and an overarching view of the role I play. Ken was very easy to work with, calm and thoughtful and he was very skilled at drawing out thought processes from me, opening up an awareness of my actual competencies rather than what I thought my competencies were and building a framework for me to progress with. An excellent experience and I would definitely recommend Ken.


I had 3 sessions via Skype with Ken over 3 months. He was easy to talk to, and able to draw out themes to pursue in terms of career and personal development. We were able to talk through issues and dilemmas, and put them in the context of my strengths and aspirations. A valuable experience. C.L.


I had three very useful sessions with Ken earlier this year. He gave me some very useful advice and information regarding further research and self learning. M. R.


I had three sessions with Ken over the space of a couple of months. I'd been struggling to make sense of my workload for a few months and was probably wallowing in self pity rather than dealing with the situation. Following these conversations I've been looking at my own actions, how I engage and share my workload with my colleagues and how we can work better as a team. R.H. GP Practice Manager


I’ve been taking supervision with Ken for three years now, and it’s a relationship that has been very valuable to me during this time. What’s most important to me is that Ken creates an environment of safety and trust, where I feel I can express myself and be honest without any fear of judgement. This means I can truly examine my own motivations, beliefs and values that shape how I am as a coach. I also feel that the traditional power imbalance between supervisor and coach does not get in the way in our relationship. I feel with Ken that we are looking together into my practice, with an agreement between us that he will act as the guide. This frees me from the need to impress, or demonstrate that I am A Good Coach, which again means I can examine my coaching practice honestly, even the things I may not want to look at. It’s also worth saying that I always enjoy my supervision sessions and look forward to them each time! B.T.


I had 3 sessions with Ken via skype and found him very approachable and easy to converse with. Despite not having an obvious big issue to deal with, we uncovered some useful territory and as a result I instigated personal change which is ongoing. J.E.


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Career Direction Confidence Delegation Difficult Conversations Influencing Skills Leadership Managing Change Managing Emotions New Role Resilience Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Partner Offer
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