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Ruth Friedman

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About me

Master Executive Coach - Edinburgh

I help purpose driven leaders to build confidence through rediscovering their tuenvalue so that they can bring more value to the project that matter to them the most
I help my clients
➤Make better use of time
➤Be more focused
➤Delegate better
➤Hold better boundaries
➤Value yourself, your time and what you are doing a whole lot more

I can help you believe in yourself even more so that you can get on and do the great work you want to be doing in the world

Working with executives since 2014
Over 2000 coaching hours with high level and high potential individuals and teams
In addition to Coaching, I use three different somatic processes in which I am trained and qualified (Focusing, NARM, Neuro Affective Relational Model, Circling). It is rare for coaches to be trained in any one of these somatic practices. To be trained in all three is rarer still!

My work is based on my own empirical research working with hundreds of clients. This research has led me to create The Lead Being You framework, which uses my proprietary Adaptation Styles with Caricatures methodology

I work with clients 1:1, group coaching and training in organisations

My professional background is in Science, Corporate IT, Leadership Development, DEI and Training
My clients include: Edinburgh International Book Festival, Street Fit Scotland, European Commission, OSCE. Through 3rd Parties I have also worked in Fortune 500 companies including BP, Shell, ING, HSBC, GSK, Merck, Visa, Google, Amex, among many others

I also train other coaches in the somatic tools I use

My clients say:
‘Coaching with Ruth has helped me save a day a week due to being clear on boundaries, delegating and not taking everything on myself’ Jo W Rolls Royce

'Working with Ruth helped me be the best version of what I bring to the table' Simon F, Google

Credentialed: AC Master Executive Coach, ICF Professional Certified Coach, NARM Informed Professional, Focusing Guide and Trainer, Adult Trainer and Educator
Experienced in Circling, Mindful Self Compassion, trauma informed coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Existential Well-Being, Positive Psychology, Physiology of Stress

I look forward to being in contact
Professional body membership

Association for CoachingInternational Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Accredited Master Executive CoachICF - Professional Certified Coach


Master Executive CoachProfessional Certified CoachTeam CoachNARM Informed Professional (Neuro Affective Relational Model is a Trauma Informed approach)Focusing Practitioner and GuideMotivational InterviewingExistential Wellbeing

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I've thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from working with Ruth over the last 6 months. My coaching journey started due to undertaking a 12 month international assignment and having formal management responsibility for the first time in my career. Working with Ruth initially was focussed on dealing with imposter syndrome I was facing as a result of the step up in responsibility. Ruth helped me to challenge the negative beliefs and overcome them to grow in confidence of my ability. The primary benefit I have found in working with Ruth however is her focus on taking tangible actions as a result of our conversations which has led to me making progress towards my goals in a short space of time. I'd recommend Ruth as a coach!


Working with Ruth has helped me take steps in areas of my life that I've thought about (and read up on) for years but where I've gotten stuck half way. Ruth's encouragement to reflect, sometimes giving me ideas for "exercises" to try, and sometimes mirroring back to me what she hears helps me see my own thinking and come further than before. In several coaching sessions I've been amazed to find that I come out with new thoughts and experiments to try where I previously thought that I had exhausted the possibilities. One area where Ruth and I have worked is around how to create space for strategic thinking in the daily whirlwind of urgent tasks. And now I'm on a new path! I highly recommend Ruth as a coach!

Specialist areas
Confidence Cross Cultural DE&I Emotional Intelligence Glass Ceiling Managing Emotions Procrastination Resilience Wellbeing Work/Life balance
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