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James Leeper

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Career Coach · Performance Coach


United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach - Cumbria

Objective: allowing you to lead and live “The Career in Your Life” fruitfully and successfully.

UK & International Face-to-face/Online/Groups

I am an Executive, Career Management & Change Coach (Life & Spiritual) for personal and leader development; navigating you through the ups and downs, crises and fears of seemingly insurmountable challenges and risks in your change encounter.

A CII Connect Mentoring - Mentor (Pro bono)

A specialist Certified Practitioner with PRISM Brain Mapping®, using the advancing discoveries within neuroscience; revealing the true and real self for personal and leadership development; aiding in career change, lost direction and job suitability; repairing, improving and creating relationships of enduring value at all levels and walks of life; assessing individual and teams for high performance potential; facilitating in teamworking through the PRISM C.O.P.E. programme.

My clients find the hybrid nature of my coaching so helpful when, for example: -
• seeking to manage and live through their change encounters with positivity;
• enabling and enhancing enjoyment in life (work-rest-play) and their performance at work;
• creating and managing sound relationships, even mending broken ones;
• helping in developing positive habits that includes when, without realising [they are] overplaying personal strengths that others perceive as damaging weakness;
• managing stress positively that moves the possible causes from a state of fear, anxiety and possible flight to one of excitement and courage in playing to their personal strengths.
• Needing a sounding/downloading moment to talk through issues, reviewing, reflecting and reconciling in the moment of the now and how best to approach and resolve them.

Leaders find they have a better understanding of the teams they are leading when change brings its own challenges, difficulties and problems.

Aspiring individuals discover their “Undiscovered Country” with greater confidence with much less fear of the unknown, learning how to handle the imposter syndrome lurking in the wings ready to pounce.

As a dyslexically functional individual, I offer what I can only best describe as my “lateral insight”, through listening, absorbing, evaluating and then reflecting back in a way that leads to possible creative alternative solutions to the issues and problems at hand.

Examples Coached
 Unexpected opportunity for promotion because of the creation of a new influential position at senior sub-C suite level in a leading energy group: coached using PRISM how to present the real person in the anticipated role resulting in successfully gaining promotion.
 Qualified Lawyer from Kenya, sponsored in a major consultancy unexpectedly receiving job loss and not getting any interviews. Full "Lift the bonnet" review and rebuilding confidence and self-esteem. Hired at a new location in UK for a new role much more suitable for the individual’s valuable skills and leader abilities.
 New CEO of London ethnic minority charity encountering anxiety and stress, struggling with public speaking and presentations. Thorough review: pinpointed and relieved stress points, identified development areas and including strategies for delivering priorities through improved delegation.

Interested to explore more? Contact for me a free consultation.
Professional body membership

Association for Coaching

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Individual Full Member


Charles Bentley - Unitive Coaching (personal & professional development coaching) 2003Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner 2005CII Connect Mentoring - Mentor (Pro bono)

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I connected with James for mentoring through the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Connect Mentoring Platform. My goal was to find an experienced Insurance Professional to guide me to better understand the global insurance industry as a small yet growing insurance broker in Cyprus. James listened carefully to understand my questions and was very helpful by providing valuable guidance based on his experience. He encouraged me to set clear objectives with high goals and boosted me to work towards them. Setting up my objectives enabled me to attend an international conference and meet with key industry professionals, which later opened new doors and created useful connections for my business that has led me already to achieving my goals. I definitely recommend James as a Mentor and Executive Coach. Andreas H. Managing Director.


I have had the pleasure of having James as a Career management coach over an extended period and I cannot recommend him enough. I have been particularly impressed not just with his approach towards 1-1 sessions but to the tools that he has at his disposal (e.g PRISM Brain Mapping). I have no reservations in recommending him as an Executive/ Career Management coach! Mathew S.


James is unique. He makes change happen - fast. I had been job-hunting for a long time, due significantly to my late-in-life diagnosis of Autism. But before this, the painful awareness that interviewer body language would change suddenly and you couldn't win them over. Purely by asking the questions, and listening intently. James had an understanding that no-one else has of me. He made a number of recommendations, which I put into practise immediately - one being to work so hard on listening skills. First company I met, I made it to a final stage interview. The second company, I secured my new role within 10 days of first meeting them. To me, this is transformational after years. James, you unlocked my potential & "superpowers" in interviews. Casper G.

Specialist areas
Assertiveness Career Direction Confidence Effective Meetings Influencing Skills Leadership Managing Change Mentor for Leaders Motivation Networking New Role Outplacement Promotion Stakeholder Talent Management Team Development Transition Work/Life balance
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