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Matt Porter

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United Kingdom

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About me

Executive & Leadership Coach - Devon

Holistic Leadership Coach for founders & leaders who want to create balance.

I’m an ICF Professional Certified Coach and I love combining 25 years of commercial experience together with big hearted and intuitive executive coaching. I have spent the last 5 years focused on creating amazing coaching experiences for ambitious founders, directors, leaders and managers all over the world.

Previously I have run my own multi million pound business and worked in senior commercial leadership roles in organisations including Oxford Innovation and AstraZeneca.

I was the South West UK ICF Chapter Leader (2018-2020) and am a StrengthScope Master Practitioner, including 360, Teams & Leadership Certification; BetterUp Distinguished Fellow Coach with Conscious Business Certification; CoachHub Executive Coach & Ambassador; Mavericks Unlimited Executive Coach & Trainer.

I have 2,500+ hours coaching leaders and founders in UK, EU, US and rest of world at organisations including Amazon, Google, Amex, Lego, Volvo, Warner Media etc

I am founder of Matthew Porter Coaching Limited, which has served 100+ founders, professionals, teachers and coaches seeking to find balance, explore purpose, optimise performance or refine commercial strategy.

I bring a warmth and a wealth of experience to his work having run a portfolio of businesses in my 20’s and 30’s, and subsequently held senior corporate leadership roles at AstraZeneca and Oxford Innovation in my early 40’s, before embarking upon and creating a coaching career and practice from 2015 onwards .

I am the published creator and author of the Balanced Horizon Canvas coaching methodology and a contributing author to the Activate Your Life series of books.

Values & Passions

"To be the coach I wished he had when I was younger."

I am the loving husband to Kate, and together we have raised 5 wonderful children who have brought a rich neurodiversity to family life.

I am inspired and at peace in nature, wherever there is a distant horizon - whether that is out wild camping and hiking, or out on the ocean in his beloved sailing boat as an RYA YachtMaster.

I camp and sail all year round and embrace with equal measure the tranquillity and adversity the seasons bring, both ashore and afloat.

I am passionate about helping people discover and harness their own authentic power to design what they truly wish in this wonderful world and to show up as the loving next best version of themselves.
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


StrengthScope Master Practitioner

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I highly recommend Matt as a leadership coach to anyone looking to advance their professional development. Matt's insights and guidance were instrumental in helping me grow in my role. Matt has an impressive ability to quickly understand an individual's unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations. He provided me with personalized advice that was tailored to my needs and helped me create a roadmap for success. Matt's expertise in career development, leadership, and communication is truly unparalleled. His insights were not only practical but also incredibly insightful and thought-provoking, there were even a few emotional sessions! Overall, I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a coach who will provide them with personalized, practical advice and support. His insights and guidance have been transformative in helping me move to a much more productive space, and I am grateful for his contributions to my professional development.  C. Matthews.


Matt is world class at what he does and how he does it. Every coaching session with him genuinely made a difference in my day, week and outlook. He helped me to really shine the light where it needed to be, and get me to a place where I felt even stronger, more resilient and headed in the right direction. I carry his expertise and words of wisdom with me daily, because it serves me to do so. Thank you Matt, you are impeccable and you need to write that book sir! Bryan, Head of Talent Acquisition


I have worked with Matt for the last six months and have found the sessions to be hugely helpful. After more than 20 years in commercial roles, most recently in sales leadership roles, this has been my first experience of one to one coaching. Matt has helped me develop my thinking and approach with both immediate opportunities and longer term strategies for success. His guidance has allowed me to unlock a number of simple frameworks to multiple scenarios that will serve me well for the future. I can’t recommend Matt highly enough and look forward to practicing what I’ve learnt in both my personal and professional life. Tom B. Commercial Sales Leader.

Specialist areas
Emotional Intelligence Feedback Focus Leadership Managing Emotions Personal Impact Strategy Team Coaching Wellbeing Work/Life balance
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