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Maria Iliffe-Wood

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About me

Leadership Coach - Leicester, Derby & Nottingham

I work with people who want to take a leap in their personal development or professional growth. Often people who want to grow their leadership and/or coaching capability. I work with people who are ready to go beyond models, theories, tools and techniques and are willing and open to see a deeper perspective, that holds the potential for transformational growth in all aspects of their life and role.

I help you to explore the depth and breadth of your own inner wisdom. Through this exploration you will gain greater self-assurance, calm, resilience and mental wellbeing, as well as growing in your chosen profession.

Sessions with me are relaxed, informal and calm whilst at the same time have the potential to be profoundly life changing and life affirming.

Leadership Coach
I have coached people for over 30 years, both as a leader and as an independent coach working with leaders from a wide range of sectors and countries.

Coach Supervision
I've been a Coach Supervisor since 2012 and offer individual and group supervision.

I'm the author of Coaching Presence, Building consciousness and awareness into coaching interventions. This is published in English, Russian and South Korean and has been read in over 20 countries. It is on the recommended reading list for many University Coaching Courses.

Writers & Author's Coach
I help people to complete and professionally self-publish their book, to break through the personal barriers and to navigate the many pitfalls along the way of bringing your book to the world.

I am a registered Three Principles Practitioner, one of only a handful in the UK. I am full member of the Association for Coaching and the Association of Coaching Supervisors and comply with both codes of ethics.

Contact me by email: if you would like to have a chat about any of my services. :)
Professional body membership

Association for Coaching

Level of membership/accreditation

AC - Individual Full Member


PG Certificate in Business CoachingCertificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants (EMCC accredited)PG Diploma in Management Studies

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I'm very grateful to Maria for holding such a safe, warm, deep, expansive supervision group. Her expert facilitation allowed us as a group to really be ourselves and support each other in our work, whilst benefitting from well-measured and super useful input from Maria. Highly recommended. Todd Roache


I joined Maria's supervision group after observing her discussing coaching and supervision at a coaching event. Her sense of calm and the ability to view things from a different perspective struck a chord in me. During Maria’s group sessions she offers a supportive and safe space for participants to share, explore, learn and reflect; whilst offering insights and affirmation where relevant. I would definitely, recommend Maria as a Coach Supervisor.


I joined Maria's supervision group over a year ago and it has been both inspiring and illuminating. The calmness and safety offered by the sessions has allowed my peers and I to explore a whole host of issues close to our hearts and to our clients. The insights we glean are priceless. Couldn't recommend highly enough!! Tom O'Leary


Maria's support was amazing. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for top quality mentoring and coaching.


I first came across Maria when she spoke at a coaching conference and I was drawn to her calm thoughtful approach. Her book Coaching Presence helped me to become more aware of my own presence as a coach. As a coaching supervisor she provides a supportive and safe environment to reflect on coaching sessions and explore options. Even on Zoom I always felt totally engaged in the sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Maria as a Coach Supervisor.


Although running your own business is very rewarding, it isn’t easy. There never seems to be time to stop and just think about things. When Maria started coaching me it felt like all that changed. She helped me to focus my thoughts, not only in terms of my business but in life in general. I suppose you could say she helped me face my fears. Although she brought a clear structure to our meetings she was also very calm and relaxed in her approach, which I really liked. I never felt under any pressure. I think it was partly her style of coaching that enabled me to really step outside of my comfort zone probably for the first time. The difference it has made has been quite astonishing; I feel as though my whole outlook has changed and I now have a much clearer picture of where I am in my business, and where I'm heading. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria’s services. Nigel C.


Maria has been a wonderful coach, mentor and friend inspiring me to change the way I see situations, and to adapt my style to help others reach their full potential. I only wish Maria was still in Herts. I highly recommend Maria . Yolanda Rugg


I first worked with Maria in 2016 when I had a real crisis of confidence as a coach and whether it was right for me as a career path. I have attended coach trainings and had Maria as a supervisor. I know that I can trust her completely, more than anyone else I know, to be really curious about who I am, how I am and what is holding me back in my personal development and my development as a coach. Maria helped me have the confidence to apply for the Executive Accreditation with the AC, has held a mirror up to me and helped me overcome my overly self-critical thoughts which were stifling me being able to move forwards. I have also learned to resist the now less. I can recommend Maria highly to coachees of any persuasion who have their own learning and growth at heart.


I have known Maria for many years now, initially as an associate, then my Coach Supervisor and now I’m proud to say she has become a good friend who I can always call upon. When working as my coach, the sessions were invaluable, Maria inspired me to improve my skills and confidence in my abilities within coaching, business and in life generally. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Maria, she has a positive approach and handles all situations with a calm, patient and confident manner. She knows her stuff!


Maria is a truly special human being and a wonderful coach and supervisor. Maria's ability to empathically listen and allow you to see the world through a different lens is so powerful and she has reframed me and changed my outlook and view of the world on more than one occasion. I cannot recommend Maria highly enough as a coach, supervisor and human being. Allen Martin


What do I do as a coach when I've used up all of my tools?

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    Specialist areas
    Confidence Conflict Emotional Intelligence Leadership Managing Emotions Mental Health Resilience Strategy Supervision: 1-2-1 Supervision: Group Team Coaching
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