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About me

Career & Leadership Coach - London

I help clients identify their career goals and design a strategy to fulfil their professional ambitions. I specalise in working with women in corporate settings (financial, legal, international business) to find their focus, manage the stress of juggling a career and private life and face each day with joy.

I support my clients to achieve their best in their professional setting, develop their career and find personal fulfillment.

Who are my clients and where do they work?
My clients are: women navigating a new professional environment; planning a return to work after time out, e.g. maternity leave; or seeking to reach a leadership role.
They have been from organisations in the public and private sector, banks, law firms, and consultancies. I have worked with employees of large, international organisations, including United Nations organisations.

My book: Smart Career Moves for Smart Women. How to Succeed in Career Transitions was published in 2023 by Routledge. All clients who book a set of coaching sessions receive it free of charge.

What are my clients looking for in coaching?
My clients are looking for support to understand their work environment and soar above office politics, get noticed, and have a plan for their career and their life where they feel they are in control.

I help female leaders to meet the challenge of balancing their own needs with those of their team, and figure out how to be the best team lead they can be, think strategically, motivate and nurture their people for success, and at the same time take care of their well-being.

Where are my clients in their career path?
Perhaps you have recently entered, for example, a law firm and need to learn how to navigate the new environment. Perhaps you have worked for several years and are ready to take on more responsibility and want to prepare for a managerial (associate) role. Or you are a seasoned manager looking to move to senior leadership. I help you plan your next step, because planning is the key to a successful career transition.

Together we work on the practical side of your next step, putting the right things in place, enlisting the help of sponsors, and creating your visibility. We also consider what the change will mean to you personally, both in the context of your life and family and also to your inner state and well-being to find the path that will work best for you.

Why coaching works
Coaching is a powerful process, because you create the change in yourself, which, although it happens in you, also has a great effect on the people around you. You find the self-confidence to achieve your goals.

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Susan has radically changed my professional life, and I will be forever thankful for the coaching sessions we have had together. She has the ability to understand the substance of all situations, and she gives practical advice that, once put in practice, has a major impact in one's life. She has great analytical skills and is able to go very deep in all subjects we discuss. I have had a tremendous growth in my professional life this year, and I can say without any doubt, that it has been thanks to her. Marta- Consultant


I was fortunate to have coaching sessions with Susan, which were very helpful from the first to the last. Susan listened very carefully to what I had to say, analyzed the situation and gave me excellent advice. In addition to her advice on reading, reflection and concrete measures, she was able to help me find my own solutions to the questions I had. Whether it be in the perception of my own professional role or in the way I exercise it, she has guided me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to progress, both at work and in general. I can only encourage you to have coaching sessions with Susan!


Susan is a fantastic career coach, very knowledgeable about the United Nations system applications and with many years of experience working at an international level. She has helped me a lot in changing my mindset and applying various techniques to unleash my potential. Following her recommendations and out-of-the-box thinking, I was able to reach my career goal, which at that time seemed impossible. Working with Susan has been an excellent opportunity to reevaluate my strategy and to present my strengths in an agile way. I am very grateful for having worked with Susan on this.


I can hardly express my gratitude for Susan’s role in my life and my admiration for her coaching. Susan took me on a self-reinventing journey and helped me find the right way of getting where I am today. She helped me reassess the things that really matter for me and take on the challenges for ensuring my further spiritual and professional growth. Ultimately, her coaching inspired me to find the courage to change my career, which in turn changed my life. Susan’s warmth, perspicacity and intellectual generosity are rare gifts, which make her coaching one of a kind experience. SSS - European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam


Susan is a brilliant coach and I would thoroughly recommend her. In only a short time of working together her coaching made a big impact. In our session we spoke about a job opportunity that I thought I could only dream of but she helped give me the confidence to go for it by just being myself. After extensive interview and psychometric interview process, I have now been appointed to this dream job. Thank you to Susan for helping me to have the courage to start that journey. LS, Director, Banking & Finance


I benefited from Susan Doering's skills and expertise when I moved from a post of UNICEF Deputy Representative to Representative. Susan immediately understood my needs. During the coaching sessions, she shared very useful tools and practical tips to strengthen my CV when applying for senior-level positions, and helped me prepare for interviews. We also had excellent conversations on leadership skills, which guided me in empowering and motivating my colleagues, including during challenging times. I highly recommend her. ACD - UNICEF Representative


Although I only had the benefit of Susan's time for a short while, Susan was able to use our time efficiently, yet sensitively, to dig to the root of my issue and help me think through how I would approach the issue going forwards. She helped me to see possibilities and gave me the positive mindset I needed. Thank you


Susan Doering is an excellent career coach and my coaching experience with her was extremely positive. In a few sessions she helped me to put my professional weaknesses and strengths in perspective and to focus on what is important to develop my career. She is very insightful and through the coaching I succeeded in dividing the important threads to pursue and the minor ones to let go. The result of Susan’s coaching is that I now have a different approach to my professional life – being more proactive and not feeling like a leaf in the wind anymore. It certainly helps that she is a very warm and welcoming person who puts people immediately at ease. I wish I had met Susan earlier in my career – I would have acted in a more structured, less improvised way. I highly recommend her – wherever you are in your career path. Eva Maria Volpe - Conference interpreter (freelance)


Susan helped me grow - not only professionally but more importantly as a person. She helped me change my mindset and become more resilient. This led to feeling more fulfilled in my career and it has changed the way of how I interact with people in my working environment. I am feeling more grounded and content while making better and more conscious decisions about what feels right for me and where to go next. I particularly appreciate her holistic approach and focus on the competencies and skills of the individual.


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