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Arielle Carrara

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Career Coach - Barcelona

Arielle Carrara possesses a remarkable gift – an innate ability to discern the right path for individuals and empower them to uncover it independently. As a multifaceted professional, Arielle holds certifications as a Career Coach, Money Coach, and Life Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Additionally, she is a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Therapist, adding a transformative dimension to her coaching repertoire.

Before venturing into coaching, Arielle's journey was diverse. She spent significant years as a Head of Talent, working on the other side of the hiring process within corporate environments. Simultaneously, she explored her passion for the arts as an opera singer. This rich background equipped her with a profound understanding of career dynamics, transitions, and the human experience.

Arielle's holistic coaching approach goes beyond conventional guidance. It's a comprehensive strategy crafted to assist individuals in not only discovering their true direction but also comprehending their purpose. Whether it's navigating towards a job they love, increasing income, overcoming financial obstacles, rewriting personal narratives, initiating a business, or embracing a more fulfilling and authentic life – Arielle's methodology addresses the multifaceted aspects of personal and professional growth.

Central to Arielle's mission and purpose is the endeavour to heal collective relationships with career and money, one client at a time. She recognizes the intricate interplay between an individual's well-being and their connection with career and financial aspects. By guiding clients on a transformative journey, Arielle aims to foster positive and empowering relationships with these essential elements of life.

Her coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that personal growth and fulfilment are achievable for anyone willing to embark on the journey. Through the fusion of her diverse experiences, professional certifications, and a genuine passion for helping others, Arielle Carrara emerges as a beacon of support for those seeking positive change in their lives.

In essence, Arielle's coaching is not just about finding a career or improving financial standing; it's about fostering a holistic transformation that transcends professional success. It's an invitation to rewrite narratives, break through limitations, and live authentically. With each client, Arielle strives to create a ripple effect, contributing to the collective healing of our relationships with career and money – a testament to her commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those she serves.
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified Coach


ICF Certified PCC, IPEC Certified, Certified RTT Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist

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Specialist areas
Assertiveness Career Direction Communication Confidence Conflict Cross Cultural Decision Making Emotional Intelligence Managing Emotions Mental Health Wellbeing
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