Every day, every minute is a new opportunity to live your life differently, to develop your awareness, your conscience of yourself, alive in your body.

Jon Kabat-Zinn always says: “Drop”. He means drop back in your body: allow yourself to feel your aliveness, your energy, what happens in your organs, in your lungs, second after second.

What’s the problem?

Most people feel such pressure from the environment that they run from morning to evening, without a breath. Your breathing happens anyway but without your appreciation, your knowledge of what is really happening at every second.

Perhaps would you ask: “what’s the point to be conscious of it?”

The answer to that question is so important. As long as you are in your mind, your missing your life. You are in a vortex of thoughts which are mainly exactly the same as yesterday. It is a sort of never ending moment of thinking like a broken record.

So, how does leadership work?

Dropping back into your body is the way to be alive, in the instant. “Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have” as Eckhart Tolle said.

Leadership is not about all the injunctions coming from the outside world, from your boss, your organisation about what you should do and what skills you should display. Leadership is about YOU and who you really are. It is not an abstract idea but the reality of you alive in your body.

The best way to increase your leadership is to get to know who you are more deeply, to discover what happens under the surface when you’re not thinking about it. It is the experience of life that matters and not just the idea of it.

Ultimately, the measure of your leadership will not be made according to what you do but about how you are perceived by others and what impact do you have on your environment?

The most important thing about leadership

What people feel about you has everything to do with your leadership. Are you able to be fully present and give your full attention to people? Your full attention is the most beautiful gift you can give to others: make each person you interact with, feel the most important person in the world in that moment.

The rest is secondary and irrelevant to the reality of leadership: the expression of who you really are, and not the idea of who you think people expect you to be.

Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. Your unicity is at the heart of leadership, being exactly who you are.


To be that person, I don’t know any other way than to increase your awareness and presence in your body, moment after moment.

Only if you are present, can you know what is really happening in that moment, eternal moment that is happening with or without you.


Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Senior Consultant with 15 years’ experience, from on-to-one coaching to large scale programmes on Leadership and Management.