“One dark night a plane crashed in Florida. Over 100 people were killed. It was just 20 miles from safety.

After the accident, investigators tried to determine the cause. The landing gear had indeed lowered properly.  The plane was in perfect condition.  Everything was working properly – all except one thing: a single burned-out lightbulb.  That tiny bulb – worth about 20 cents – started the chain of events that led to the tragic death of over 100 people.

Of course, the malfunctioning light bulb didn’t cause the accident; it happened because the crew who placed it focused on something that seemed to matter at the moment, whilst losing sight of what mattered most.

The tendency to focus on the insignificant at the expense of the profound not only happens to pilots but to everyone.  We are all at risk…

Are your thoughts and heart focused on those short-lived fleeting things that matter only in the moment or on things that matter most?” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Sat around the dinner table, canteen table, board room table or even sat at your office desk?  My invitation today is that you consider what you are focused on and what really matters most.



Daryl Watson is an Executive Coach with 10 years experience. His purpose is to help every client (1 by 1) to reflect upon their current reality, to refresh their mind-sets and generate sustainable results that will help them to leap beyond their own perceived limits.