What do we mean by selfcare? It’s about looking after the whole you, your physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing and taking care of your mind and thoughts. In my book the Tree of Resilience, one of the acorns of resilient growth is about support, one aspect of support is about how supportive are we to ourselves, not something we consider often or tend to put to the bottom of list.

To enable us to be of our best, connect with others, being kind and considerate and achieve what we want to achieve in life we need to ensure that we look after ourselves. What happens when we don’t; we run out of energy, we become ill, cranky, less compassionate and considerate about others, our behaviours are probably not as we would like them to be both at home and in the work place.

In what ways can we be supportive to ourselves, consider the following questions:

  • Do you ensure you eat the right things? Do you eat things that give you sugar rushes or do you manage what you eat to help maintain your energy  levels?
  • Do you drink enough throughout the day to hydrate?
  • Do you get enough sleep; research now supports the fact that we really need between 7-8 hours sleep a night to function at our optimum
  • Do you listen to what your body is telling that it needs and then act up on it?
  • Do you spend time on renewing our energy or do you spent time in high energy states all the time whether positive or negative, our mind and body needs renewal?
  • Do you take regular breaks at work enabling you to focus more effectively?
  • How do you talk to yourself – are you over critical and not supportive?
  • Do you balance pleasure activities with purposeful activities?
  • When did you just have a fun and enjoy a good laugh?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and assess how supportive you are to yourself.

How can you be kinder and more supportive to yourself?

What advice would you give a friend if they were you?

We can only be supportive and kind to others if we have looked after ourselves first, otherwise we can become exhausted and potentially resentful of others or just get to a place where we don’t even notice other’s needs.

Start with self- support you have a responsibility to look after you – believe it or not you deserve it too.

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort” Deborah Day


Executive Coach Julie Hickton has the ability to see beyond the immediate issues and gets the people she works with to change the aspects that really make a difference to their performance and overall wellbeing.