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Why women should 'stay in the game' and stop sabotaging their own careers

Created by Cara Moore

“Women tend to start their working lives buoyed up with confidence, enthusiasm and aspiration. We all know about the so-called career ‘ladder’ or ‘pipeline’ and we start looking around for ways to get on the bottom rung – and scale it.

But it’s not always that easy. Women are still the primary caregivers when it comes to children and other family members – and these commitments can easily throw even the most linear career path off course.”

Read my thoughts in the article (link below) on how women need to ‘value’ their careers and not jump ship when it gets too difficult – tiring, expensive, guilt-ridden – to work. Changing your perspective and expectations about what a traditional career path should look like is a good start.

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Cara is an Executive Coach with a personal interest in helping women succeed in their careers. Having struggled herself in her early career as a Chartered Surveyor whilst she had 3 young sons, she has experienced first hand the practicalities, challenges and tug between wanting to nurture, wanting to use your intellect and wanting to earn, of being a working mum. With hindsight, Cara knows she would have made much more of a success of managing to make her home life and career work together, if she had got the support of a Coach. She’s here for you!




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