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What is this "Teal" thing all about?

Created by Chris Rew

For those of you who are interested in the background to TEAL or NEXT-STAGE thinking here is a an article to get you started. This one that gives a summary of Frederick Laloux’s work on the subject. It provides an opportunity to see how the operating system that we have been using for leadership and management has evolved over the years. We have reached a point where todays VUCA (Volatile,Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment moves too quickly for organisations to react effectively, and Frederick suggests a change in the operating system.

What this also does is provide an option for an overarching integration of the “best bits” of what has gone before,under the three pillars of Purpose, Wholeness and Self-Management.

I hope you enjoy it as it opens new doors to thinking… more to come


Executive Coach Chris Rew challenges leaders to think on a grander and more long-term scale, seeing organisational and cultural development as a deliberate strategic intervention to deliver results

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