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To Succeed at Work, Believe in Yourself

By Cara Moore|01.06.2017

Confidence, or rather self-confidence, trumps competence. You have to believe in yourself and 'have a go' even if you don't feel ready to take the leap.

What do you think stops you from being as successful as you’d hoped for at work? Do you blame the lack of opportunities and roles that you think would be a good next step for you? Perhaps you think that lack of flexibility or an unfair or biased promotion process plays a part, or maybe it’s the technological automation of jobs. The uncomfortable truth however, is that what mostly holds us back from succeeding at work is ‘us’. Yes, an old fashioned and un-inclusive culture plays a part, but the bottom line is, if we don’t believe in our potential and be willing to take personal risks, and if we cannot see beyond our past performance and what we can already do, we will not progress at work. We have to get over the “I’m not ready yet because I haven’t done it yet” mindset.

Confidence, or rather self-confidence, trumps competence (and you don’t need to look further than the US election to see that played out!). You have to believe in yourself and ‘have a go’ even if you don’t feel ready to take the leap.

I was very pleased to have my thoughts on the importance of self-belief included in an article written in collaboration with EY and you can read the article here:

You may think the theory of self-belief is all well and good, but if you are feeling worn down and worn out and full of self-doubt, and don’t know how to start believing in yourself, please get in touch. I’ve got lots of experience coaching people to step up and confidently succeed in their careers. I’ve also got practical ideas on how to deal with the negative chatter in our heads, how to change your behaviour (you can fake it!) and even how to get other people to help you (mentors and sponsors). Success is yours for the taking, you just have to JFDI!


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