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Reflective Coaching Journal

By Clare Beckett-McInroy|08.09.2020

This Reflective Coaching Journal enables you to increase your awareness personally, professionally and within organisations, so that informed plans lead to appropriate action and results. It will provoke learning around options and perspectives as well as clarifying your understanding of what balance, success and fulfilment mean to you.

It is an effective resource for self-reflection and can also be used with your Coach or with teams working on projects. Feedback indicates its effectiveness for career planning and transition, as well as discovery of life-purpose whilst professionals from a variety of sectors internationally advocate its use as an effective learning and development tool.

The Author, Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy is a highly professional and experienced Organisational and Executive Coach (CPCC with Coaches Training Institute, PCC with International Coaching Federation, MAC with Association for Coaching International)

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