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NEW CHAPTER "Waking Up to the Power of Reflection to Unlock Transformation in People, Teams and Organisation" by Elaine Patterson

Created by Elaine Patterson


Elaine Patterson writes in her new chapter “Waking Up to the Power of Reflection to Unlock Transformation in People, Teams and Organisations” which has just been published in “Contemporary Leadership Challenges”.

“In our busy and frenetic world, leaders face over-whelm. Never before has there been so much change on so many fronts, demanding attention, squeezing out critical reflective time and thinking space.

This is time and space to develop the personal capacities to lead with greater clarity, humanity and wisdom in order for transformation to occur. Time and space to learn how to reflect on experience, to sense what is needed and to lean into the futures’ potential, instead of problem solving based on habitual thinking and yesterday’s logic.

This chapter will give reflection and reflective learning a rebranding, propelling it from dusty classrooms to become center stage in a leader’s toolkit and will show how to apply the findings of the authors’ important new research in the workplace.

The new leadership process “Reflect to Create!” with its seven human capacities for inspiring, creating and leading transformational change in today’s VUCA world is introduced. The four core conditions and four key practices to embed the approach are also introduced.

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2017.02.11 INTECH Chapter Waking Up to the Power of Reflection to Unlock Transformaiton in People, Teams and Organisations

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