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Leader as Coach - eBook

By Clare Norman|13.05.2019

In her eBook, Clare Norman translates ICF Coaching Competencies into the work place, helping leaders to apply coaching competencies with their team members.

I’m often asked for proof that coaching is worth investing in.  Bersins and Associates offer the following statistics, which give a good business case:

  • “Organizations in which senior leaders “very frequently” coach had 21 percent higher business results.
  • Further, organizations with “excellent” cultural support for coaching had 13 percent stronger business results and 39 percent stronger employee results.
  • Organizations highly effective at teaching managers to prepare for the coaching relationship were approximately 130 percent more likely to state they have strong business results. These same organizations also indicated that they were nearly 33 percent more effective at engaging employees than ineffective organizations.”

They also say that:

  • “Managers’ inability to coach is the most severe performance management challenge.
  • The coaching and development model of performance management is increasingly popular.
  • Senior leaders frequently fail to model effective coaching.”

So, it makes sense.  This isn’t the only evidence out there; now that coaching is more mature, there are more and more research projects underway, showing the impact on the bottom line.

Blessing White has found that leaders as coaches need to work at the intersection of the organisation’s needs and the individual’s needs. Effective coaching allows the employee to work where they are maximising what they want for themselves and what the company needs from them.

Now we simply need to each get to grips with coaching, such that it becomes a daily activity, built into everything we do.  Part of our DNA.  I say simply…. it’s not a simple matter really…. I’ve been talking about the impact of coaching for years, and it’s taken a while for it to catch on.  I know that those stats above will come true for any organisation if coaching is put into practice successfully.

In this eBook, I’ll be highlighting the International Coach Federation Coaching Competencies, and how they translate into the workplace. We’ll look at how leaders apply coaching competencies in their work with their team members.

Some of these may seem obvious to the leader as coach, some less so.  We’ll take a look at each one in turn, to see what it can offer leaders as you take a step into using a coach approach.

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Leader as Coach
Leader as Coach eBook

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