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How to make the most of your brain

By |11.10.2017

Read more from Alexandra about the importance of the unconscious.

Welcome to Alexandra’s neuro blogs. In her first blog she describes the three parts of the human brain (click on the link below for a second representation of the triune brain), notably the importance of the unconscious.

In future posts, Alexandra will delve into how the fact that our brain processes are mostly unconscious, and impacts our decision-making and consequently our behaviour.

You can sign up for Alexandra’s monthly articles about how knowing about the brain can help you work more effectively — engage stakeholders, influence, get along with peers and motivate staff — as well as manage yourself under conditions of either stress or change.

Alexandra’s work focuses on leveraging her clients’ strengths so they discover how to make the best use of their capabilities and skills with a view to add more value, fulfil their potential at work and progress their career but also so that they may enjoy their work more.

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