Are you a professional coach?

How to find a Supervisor


By Michelle Lucas, AC Supervision Education Lead

The simple answer to this question is to take a look at the AC directory where you will find a list of members who provide Coaching Supervision. Whilst a useful starting point, this doesn’t answer the important question: “How do I find the best Coaching Supervisor for me, right now?”

As a professional coach you will probably always engage in some kind of supervision and it can be helpful to experience a number of different supervisors over your coaching journey.

So the best starting point is to consider what your supervision needs currently are, including:

Practical Considerations

• Do you want to work face-to-face or are you happy to work remotely via videoconference or telephone?

• Do you want supervision one-to-one or as part of a group?

• If you want to work as part of a group, is it important that the group membership is fixed or would you be comfortable if it were to change each time you met?

• How often do you want to take part in supervision?

• What is your budget?

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