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How being an Author of a Book adds Power to your Coaching Business

By Helen Isacke|30.04.2019

Expert Interview with Andrew Priestley

Sales Coach Jackie Jarvis interviews Andrew Priestley, award winning business coach, trainer, key note speaker and author of The Money Chimp.  Andrew owns and runs a successful boutique publishing company.

During this Interview you will find out

  • How being an author of a book can build credibility as a coach
  • How long it takes to write a book
  • Vital considerations before you start writing
  • Andrews top tips and advice from his experience
  • What options exist to get your book published
  • Opportunities to co-author one of Andrews books about Coaching

Click on the link to watch the Expert Interview

Andrew has written and marketed his own amazon best-selling book, published many co-authored best-selling amazon titles and coached many coaches to successfully stand out as a thought-leaders in their niche.  He really knows what works.


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