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Do you feel unfulfilled like your life doesn’t quite fit you anymore?

Created by Kaidi Bowen


It is not uncommon for people who love their jobs to reach a plateau.  As companies change or evolve managers are often left waiting for promotion with no opportunities and staff kicking their heels, it leaves some waiting to retire, literally ticking off the days on the calendar.

Perhaps you are waiting for your life to happen? Waiting until you have enough money to start a family, waiting for the weather to warm up to do the garden or get out more? I describe this feeling like being stuck in a holding pattern of uncertainty, in our own ‘waiting room’.

When we find ourselves stood on the edge of ‘life’s decisions’ our inner critic is the ‘gatekeeper of change‘ and is having a field day saying things that nobody would ever want to repeat out loud.

What if you could step out of the comfort zone, embracing the most significant possibilities you could imagine?

I’ve realised I’ve wasted a lot of time in the ‘waiting room’ and know sometimes we need support to leave it, to overcome our internal fear, to become more authentic and live in harmony with our inner critical voice. We can choose how to leave the “waiting room” with clarity and certainty about what we want.

The attached article includes a challenge for you! It has ways to manage the dominant voices you hear,  questions to identify the “beliefs” that you may have learnt or inherited that are no longer serving you in life and questions to guide you.

Click on the The Waiting Room link here, or below, to start being inspired, to leave your ‘waiting room’ today. 

Written by Kaidi Bowen

Kaidi is a professional coach, leadership trainer and public speaker. Who designs and delivers ‘ You Unlimited’ workshops for women sharing tools to help women thrive in leadership and life.

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