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Discover ’10 Ways You Can Cope With The Stresses Of Everyday Life Better’

Created by Cara Moore

Do you struggle to keep all your plates spinning?

I know what it’s like to feel pulled in all directions, at work – by managers, your team, clients, shareholders, and at home – your partner, children, parents, friends in need, not to mention feeling resentful that you have no time for yourself, for exercise or hobbies, or simply time to relax, read a book or watch tv. Are you struggling with the stresses of everyday life? Before long you can find yourself living in a permanent state of overwhelm, on ‘hyper-alert’, always reactive to the task or person that’s screaming loudest for your attention, no time to think, just doing, never being.

But here’s the thing, if you don’t look after yourself and get better at dealing with every day stresses and demands, you will topple, and the very people you wanted to serve and be there for will suffer.

Is that your definition of success? Of happiness?

I have written a short, friendly, relatable guide about how to get better at stress. Not perfect, but better!

My guide will show you how to:
1. Look after yourself
2. Take regular breaks and change what you’re doing
3. Let go of what you can’t control
4. Practise mindfulness
5. Stop feeling guilty
6. Stop ruminating over things that go wrong
7. Be aware of Radiators and Drains
8. Stop worrying, it might not happen
9. Be your own Best Friend
10. Stop. Breathe. Smile

As you read through it, see which ways resonate with you. Which ones are you already doing? Which ideas do you think would be helpful to you?


By Executive Coach Cara Moore

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