Are you a professional coach?

As a coach, do you look after yourself enough?

By Denis Gorce-Bourge|01.03.2021

Being at your best is a key element to be able to use your talent to help clients. We know that some days we don’t feel that great. How do you cope with fluctuations of inner emotional state to still be able to deliver the best? So, how do you look after yourself on a daily basis?

Daily rituals:

Think about what helps you to be in the right mindset? What do you need to connect to, to feel the warmth of being loved and helped by invisible forces? Do you even believe that invisible forces are involved in the field around you?

Seat quietly for at least 5 minutes before your session. Close your eyes and listen to silence, listen to your inner music. Can you feel your heart beating for you? Can you feel the powerful stream of life going through all parts of your body?

Create your own rituals to accompany your day, as a sort of sacred process to connect you to the source of everything. Be in a state of gratitude before you start your day, ready for the best life has to offer.

Breath consciously and inhale the Chi. Take the time to be present in your body to connect to your greater intelligence, away from your mind.


TFM is not a radio station but a way to honour yourself a few times a day. Time For Myself is a great way to make appointments with your own self. It can be 3 minutes, an hour, and sometimes half a day to take the time to take distance and see where you are with your business, what you do, where you can improve, what you should celebrate…

We often recommend things to our clients that we don’t even apply to ourselves. Let’s start with you. As the steward in the plane explains very well before take-off, in case of depressurisation, an oxygen mask will fall in front of you. Remember to put yours on before to want to help anyone else. We need to be the greatest we can to bring the right “vibe” to the “party”.


Remember that what we do is a privilege that many forget. We have the gift of asking questions that have the potential to derail the usual thinking of our clients, open new perspectives and new possibilities. How often are we our own coaches? How often do we take the time to be our biggest fan, encouraging, supporting what we do and helping ourselves to go even further in the human adventure?

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