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A Model of Coaching for Renewal - International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, Vol VI, Issue 1, January 2008

Created by Mike Munro Turner

A Model of Coaching for Renewal

Post-modern-leadership, well adapted to today’s complex shifting organisations, demands that leaders bring themselves to work with skill to foster organisational renewal. To do so leaders must practice renewal themselves, and the work of the coach becomes to foster renewal and practices of personal renewal in their clients. We present a quadrant model describing the renewal process in terms of Insight, Readiness, Authentic Vision and Skilful Action which can be used as a framework for understanding renewal in individuals and organisations, and for working with leaders in a coaching relationship. We relate some of our experience in fostering renewal in our clients, discussing briefly both the impact of the organisation’s leadership culture and the importance of developing two central capacities for Renewal – Awareness and Will.

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