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3 Essentials for a Thriving Coaching Practice


…and how to put them into practice

Listen to the webinar recording to join Sales Coach Nicci Bonfanti who shares three of the biggest problems she has come across when coaching coaches:

  1. How to balance time-for-money models with your life/work balance
  2. The urge to help people often over-rides the desire to charge what you are worth.
  3. Conflicting advice on how to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and get the right clients.

The three elements Nicci shares with you will help you resolve these problems in a way that SUITS YOU.

This is not a one-size fits all solution but a methodology you can adapt to your own personality and your own type and stage of business.

Nicci Bonfanti is a Master Trainer and Accreditor for Trusted Sales Dynamics (using Talent Dynamics). 

Nicci is passionate about making sales a profession to be proud of, that gives a valuable service to clients and in training people who have a lot of value to give to sell their products and services better. Based in Surrey, UK she has lots of national and international sales experience in Italy, Eastern Europe and Asia as Sales and Marketing Director for publishing companies.


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