If we are open and willing to learn, life has a way of teaching us by pulling us towards something.

On my way down to London (again) recently, I got to thinking about pushing and pulling amongst all the jostling in airport security.

It struck me, that when you keeping pushing yourself to do something, oftentimes it feels like something you have to do and then it can become tiresome. You can only push yourself for so long before you give up. But when you’re pulled by something, attracted by it even, it feels like something you get to do.

In my coaching conversations, regularly I find that individuals feel pushed into something rather than feeling pulled by it. One of the greatest lessons in life is to find something that pulls you!

I am pulled by an obsession (almost) in personal development and learning – I love it! Frequently I then share my insights and discoveries about what I learn with others, to hopefully inspire and help them achieve more.

In life we learn what is most important by finding something that pulls us towards it – this is where we should focus our energies. We won’t get everything right – at least, not always, but we can grow in wisdom and experience over our life’s course. Life lessons come to those who learn from mistakes, those who are willing to be taught. Oftentimes the most profound insights are really the simplest.

Push v Pull.

Consider what pulls you. Therein your purpose and meaning awaits!


Executive Coach Daryl Watson has a strong successful track record of senior leadership roles in the financial, retail, transport, security and public sectors and an in depth knowledge of why and how coaching is in reality a powerful tool.