During a normal day at work, so much can happen: a new request from your boss, a project that doesn’t go as expected, an last minute compulsory meeting, or whatever else that comes to stress you out.

One conscious breath can change everything! Just landing back into your body, where there is no boss, no meeting and no project. The only thing that happens is YOU and NOW: the actual moment where your heart pumps blood once again for you, your lungs expend to drink at the everlasting fountain of life.

Just one conscious breath changes everything. Be in your body and breathe. Be with the movement of life, to remember that you are alive and that everything else is secondary.

You take about 20,000 breath a day so that is how many opportunities you have to come back to this reality, this simplicity, this beauty.

Find back gratitude, presence, and let go of stress. Nothing is more important than you in this very moment, ALIVE.

Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Senior Consultant with 15 years’ experience, from on-to-one coaching to large scale programmes on Leadership and Management.