A river doesn’t wonder where it’s coming from and where it’s going. It just keeps moving. We are obsessed with plans, goals and results. We need to know, to evaluate and to make sure our way is the right way, but how do we know?

Sometimes it is necessary to let go and ask other parts of yourself about what’s next. When your mind is resting, you can interact with your gut and your heart and feel the flow, feel the direction where you should go. Usually, as soon as the mind comes back in, the judgment comes back too and the necessity for rational reasons, justifications to allow this move.

What if this would be the very reason why things don’t change? What if your mind just prevents you from using much greater skills, abilities to feel the path and the right move toward real adventure? Our fear to make mistakes keeps us away from greater things.

Where do you think the answers are? Outside of you, in business plans, or sometimes elsewhere? Where does inspiration comes from? Where does passion live?

I know there are a lot of questions but more important than answers are the benefits of asking new questions, different questions to renew perception.

What is the flow? What flow exactly?

The flow is not what the majority thinks, it’s not what is fashionable at the moment in terms of strategy. The flow is the invisible flow, the stream of life, the natural direction of things that you sense when you pay attention, when you listen with your heart. Feeling things, using intuition is part of the abilities of a leader. The leader overthinking is not a leader: he lives in a virtual reality, separated from life and the present moment.

The need for control is the expression of a stress, even a fear of failure, of making the wrong decision. Rationality is a refuge to feel better and to reassure the decisions you make.  Control has such a deep impact on all aspects of organisations, on people living under that control. How can trust replace doubt, communication replace retention, ease replace tension?

In martial arts, you learn that tension and resistance are keeping you away from your strengths. Going with the flow is to be at one with your environment and to use the flow of energy to your advantage.

Be the river, be the listener, be the joy that awakens energy and creativity. Be the person that inspires other by your ability to sense the invisible flow of life.


Denis Gorce-Bourge is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Senior Consultant with 15 years’ experience, from on-to-one coaching to large scale programmes on Leadership and Management.